10 cases of violation of the law by famous actors

From numerous articles, interviews and photos on the Internet, it has long become clear that the stars are the same simple people who have certain weaknesses, rash acts, even vices. Celebrities sometimes at least other people are rowdy, make scandals and even commit crimes. But star status does not exempt them from responsibility before the law. And so someone gets off on probation and a fine, and someone gets a real prison sentence.

Lindsay Lohan - actress, model, brawler and boorish

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Perhaps this is the most scandalous lady of Hollywood, on account of which there are many offenses. Lohan's passion for endless riot and drunken antics has long attracted the attention of the press. But the most egregious case, which turned out to be a surprise even for the usual obscene behavior of an actress, is the theft of jewels. In the winter of 2011, the court proved that Lindsay took an expensive necklace from a jewelry store in Venice without paying.By the way, the actress and her friends deny this fact. As a result, the court nevertheless sentenced the crappy girl to 120 days in prison and 480 hours of community service. Since 2007, in connection with her hooliganism, the actress practically did not get out of the prison walls. After all, before this serious theft, she was serving a suspended sentence for drunk driving and for violating the conditions of early release.

Robert Downey Jr - producer, iron man and connoisseur of alcohol

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In 1999, the already serious then 33-year-old man Robert Downey Jr. for unknown reasons, he entered a single elite house and fell asleep in the master bedroom. It was a difficult time in the life of an actor: the family was falling apart, and the career did not develop. Robert often fought with the press or passers-by for any reason, and also drank a lot. Just such a dangerous behavior and led him to the dock. The sentence - three years in prison. However, thanks to his good behavior in prison, the actor was able to leave her hated walls in a year. Since then, in the life of Robert did not occur such a turning point.

Mel Gibson is a film director, an honorary officer of the Order of Australia and a fan of scratching his tongue.

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Gibson was arrested for drunk driving in July 2006. When he was stopped, the actor in addition made a number of offensive statements about the police officers who made the arrest. By the way, in the press, cases often surfaced when the future star of Mad Max defamed completely different people, and more often he let unpleasant phrases addressed to Jews. For drunk driving, Gibson got his own: he was sentenced to a fine of $ 1,400 and a three-year trial period. There was no punishment for insulting the police, but the actor had to attend anonymous alcoholic club meetings for 4.5 months.

Hugh Grant - actor starring in romantic comedies, heartbreaker

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Unlike previous characters, Hugh Grant did not do anything bad in terms of the degree of harm to other people, but in terms of morality and ethics ... The actor did not get drunk, did not exceed the speed, did not insult anyone, and did not scandal. It would seem, whence problems with the law? Mysterious and charming Hugh found the police in his car with a girl of easy virtue named Devine Brown. Then both were immediately taken to the station.She certainly became famous, and Grant's impeccable reputation completely deteriorated. The punishment suffered by the actor is a fine of $ 1,180 and a two year suspended sentence. Everything happened on the street of Hollywood.

Winona Ryder - actress, winner of the Golden Globe Award, a klepto-woman

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The sought-after and successful actress fell for the typical theft in a department store. In 2001, a young lady tried to take out a bunch of things from a fashion store in the bag, the labels from which she argued while still in the fitting room. Winona's friends believe that this act is the cause of the disease, because of course she has no problems with money. Theft suffered a scandal. At first, the court threatened the actress with a fine of 5.5 thousand dollars and three years of imprisonment. But after the store owner relented, Winona paid almost 10 thousand dollars, but she never went to jail - she got off with a suspended sentence.

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