10 most famous women in the world of astronauts

Not so long ago, scientists in the minds of the whole world argued that a woman’s body is not able to withstand the stresses experienced by astronauts. For this reason, the candidatures of the fair sex were not even considered. But in 1963, women still became part of a global cause - space exploration. We have prepared for you the TOP 10 of the bravest of them, those who have become part of the world history of mastering the universe.

The most courageous of the fair sex

  1. Valentina Tereshkova. She is known all over the world, because it was Valentina who became the first woman astronaut who, in 1963, went to conquer the starry spaces. Her call sign "Seagull" for 3 days sounded in space. It is also noteworthy that during her time in the spacecraft, Valentina managed to fly around the Earth 48 times, and on returning home she received the title of Hero of the USSR and became the first female general in Russia.
  2. Svetlana Savitskaya.She became the second famous Soviet womannot afraid to challenge alluring uncertainty. Before starting training at the cosmonaut training center, Svetlana worked as an instructor pilot. She was lucky to get into orbit twice - in 1982 and 1984. The first flight lasted almost 8 days, and the second was already 11 days. It was during this flight that Savitskaya for the first time in history went into outer space, where she spent 3.5 hours. The courage of Svetlana Savitskaya was appreciated, for which she was twice awarded the title of Hero of the USSR.
  3. Helena Sharmen. The first British woman astronaut. She went on a flight in 1991 as part of the Soyuz TM-12 crew. Interestingly, before getting into the number of astronauts, Helena worked at a confectionery factory, and when she heard about the competitive selection, she simply decided to try her hand. After out of 13 thousand participants chose her, Sharmen went to study at a training center near Moscow.
  4. Sunita Williams. This pretty American belongs to one of the space records - she spent 195 days in orbit. In addition, Sunita has become a record holder in the number of outlets in open space (there were 7 of them), as well as work there (more than 50 hours).After going into orbit in 2007, Sunita decided to support the annual running marathon, held annually in Boston. To do this, even built a special simulator on the ship.
  5. Susan helms. Since childhood, dreaming of the sky, Susan successfully graduated from the US Air Force Academy and in 1990 was selected to a detachment of candidates for NASA astronauts. On her account as much as 5 flights on the shuttle, and the time spent in space, is more than 210 days. Since 2011, she has the rank of lieutenant general and commands the 14th US Air Army.
  6. Eileen collins. She became famous for being the first woman in the world to lead a shuttle crew on her first flight in 1995. In 2005, the brave Eileen surprised NASA, because she managed to make a "flip" ship 360 degrees in space.
  7. Liu Yang. The first female cosmonaut of China. After graduating from the aviation school, I tried myself in the selection of candidates for astronauts and became one of the main contenders. It made its first flight in 2012, it lasted 12 days, and was sent to conduct various scientific experiments.
  8. Peggy Whitson. In the USA, it is known, first of all, because it has made as many as 6 spacewalks, which, in terms of time, is about 40 hours. But this is not the only record.In addition, Peggy became the first woman to lead the ISS, as well as the record for total time spent in space (376 days).
  9. Mae Carol Jamison.Despite the fact that separation by race was a thing of the past, the flight of May Carol into space became quite a noisy event, because it was the first African American woman to go to conquer the stars. A few months after the flight, Jamison left the astronaut ranks and became involved in propaganda activities. And in 1993 she was invited to play in a cameo role in the TV series "Star Trek".
  10. Anoushe Ansari. An American of Persian descent became the first woman to be a space tourist. Together with her husband she owns an investment firm that actively cooperates with Space Adventures, a company that selects people who wish to go into space.

The conquest of space is not an easy task, but many women have successfully coped with it, whose names are now known to the whole world.

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