10 useful tricks for clothes! save a lot of time ...

How often do we throw clothes away because of non-removable, stubborn stains? Today we bring to your attention 10 amazing tricks that will help get rid of this problem, as well as return the original look to the clothes and facilitate daily chores!

Ideas for clothes

So that the clothes do not appear terrible folds from the hanger, it is enough to cut a small piece of aquapalka and fix it as shown in the photo. Now you can not iron your favorite pants!

Help get rid of yellow stains on clothes washing up liquid and hydrogen peroxide.

To once again notironing t-shirtsand sweaters, sushi them right on the hanger!

If you put a greasy stain on clothes, chalk it with sodium and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wipe the stain with a napkin to remove the remaining chalk. If the stain is still noticeable, water the contaminated area of ​​fabric in cold water.

Also, from oily stains will help get rid of gasoline for lighters.Apply some liquid to the stain and leave for a few minutes to allow the gasoline to evaporate. Repeat the procedure until the stain has completely disappeared, then wash the thing in the washing machine.

Laundry detergent, bleach and borax will help to return the pillows to the former whiteness!

To get rid of the musty smell of towels, it is enough to soak them for 2 hours in a mixture of water, washing powder and white vinegar. For 5 liters of water you will need 200 g of vinegar and 50 g of powder.

An ordinary window cleaner will help remove ink from clothes. To do this, put a little liquid on the stain and leave to act for 5 minutes. Then send the item to the washing machine.

If there is no iron at hand, and you need to quickly stroke a T-shirt, try this little trick! Using a bottle with a spray a little wet the thing, and then dried with a hair dryer.

To quickly get rid of any kinddirt on clothesbuild an ambulance box. Put in it the tools that you often use to remove all sorts of dirt. I put vinegar, soda, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, laundry soap, salt, ammonia, gasoline, citric acid, turpentine and acetone into my box.

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