115 release. Habitat - Elixir of vivacity

Habitat - Elixir of vivacity

Habitat - Elixir of cheerfulness.

If you want coffee in the morning to invigorate, and the tea in the cup was tasty and fragrant, remember:


On packs of tea grown and packaged in Ceylon, a special distinctive sign is put - a lion. And on packs of tea produced in India, put a sign with a girl.
Before buying tea carefully consider the pack. If you see tea in the package, then the tea leaves are made from the cheapest tea dust. This drink, most likely, will be tasteless.
To find out if there are dyes in tea, dip the tea bag in cold water. If it quickly turned brown, it means that the tea contains a dye.
Remember: arabica grains are large, oblong, with a curved groove in the middle. Robusta grains are small, roundish, with a straight groove.
If you want to drink a real espresso, choose a coffee maker with a pressure of at least 15 bar. The safest model of coffee maker is the one where water is supplied from the boiler to coffee using a pump.In such models, at least five degrees of protection.
Capsule machine is beneficial to buy only to those who drink coffee no more than twice a week. The rest, oddly enough, cheaper to buy an expensive coffee machine.


These tips will help you find a real elixir of vivacity.

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