15 tricks that every chef knows about. A treasure even for an experienced hostess!

Every woman has her own tricks in the kitchen, which she discovered during the preparation of various dishes. To become a good housewife, you will need a lot of time and, most likely, you will fill a lot of cones. But you can speed up the process of mastering the culinary wisdom, if you use the advice of a seasoned chef. By the way, this is useful even for an experienced hostess!

We have prepared for you some excellent techniques that are used by real professionals. Take over!

  1. Use lemon juice in meat dishes, so the meat will be softer.
  2. To make the rice perfectly white, pour a teaspoon of vinegar into the water.
  3. If you want to make the salad spicy, rub the plate in which you will serve it with a clove of garlic.
  4. The meat is very well marinated in light beer mixed with soy sauce, salt and pepper. Also this mixture can be added to boiled potatoes!
  5. At the end of the cooking, mince the cutlets with a handful of crushed ice. This will give the cutlets juiciness.
  6. In order for the boiled egg yolk not to crumble when sliced, moisten the knife with cold water.
  7. If you do not want the eggplant to taste bitter in the dishes, it needs to be cut, salt, let stand and then wash.
  8. Mushrooms salt at the end of cooking, otherwise they will turn out sluggish and shriveled.
  9. To enhance the smell and taste of dried herbs and spices, fry them for about a minute in butter or vegetable oil.
  10. Vanilla is added not only to desserts, it can be put in vegetable salads to give them a piquant taste.
  11. Replace the bread crumbs with finely chopped walnuts.
  12. If you overdosed the soup, try holding a cloth bag filled with rice in it. Rice will quickly absorb excess salt from the soup.
  13. To prevent apples in charlotte from settling to the bottom, roll them in flour beforehand.
  14. To add flavor to the vinaigrette, add a tablespoon of milk and a teaspoon of sugar.
  15. To quickly peel the almonds, boil them for 3-5 minutes, and then put them in cold water.

Most likely someculinary secretssurprised you

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