15 Useful tips that are very useful in the kitchen

These helpful tips and tricks will save you time and money.

1. Check the freshness of eggs


To make sure the egg is fresh, place it in a container with water. Fresh eggs go to the bottom, and stale ones float.

2. Extend the freshness of vegetables


Cover the bottom of the bottom drawers with paper towels. They will absorb excess moisture, which will delay the decay of vegetables.

3. If champagne is exhausted.


To re-saturate the champagne or sparkling wine with bubbles, throw a zest into the bottle or two. Natural sugar will do the trick.

4. In order not to start the mole


To prevent the larvae from appearing in containers of flour, groats and pasta, place them on a bay leaf.

5. Mushrooms without mucus


To prevent the appearance of mucus on the surface of mushrooms, wrap them with paper towels before putting them in the refrigerator.

6. In order not to bleach cheese


To keep the cheese in the fridge dry, grease the sides of the piece with butter or margarine.It will retain moisture.

7. Resilience to vegetables


So that the carrots, radishes, celery and other vegetables that have lain in the fridge crunch again, throw them into ice water with a slice of raw potatoes.

8. That the bananas remain yellow


In order to delay the formation of brown flesh, separate the banana from the common ligament just before it is eaten. In a bunch, bananas stay fresh longer.

9. Extend shelf life of dairy products


Place soft cheese, cream or sour cream in an airtight container, and then turn it over. This creates a vacuum that prevents the multiplication of bacteria.

10. Save the runaway milk


If you run out of milk, throw a pinch of salt into the saucepan to destroy the smell and taste of burning.

11. Soften hard meat


To make the meat less tough, marinate large chunks in beer or vinegar, citrus, tomato or pineapple juice. If this does not help, gently "walk" on the pieces with a kitchen hammer.

12. More citrus juice


Before you directly squeeze the juice, roll citrus on the table, slightly pressing them to the surface. This improves the separation of moisture from the fibers.

13. To make fruit ripen


If you need immature fruits to reach their destination, put them overnight with one apple in a paper bag.

14. Clean plate without scratches


To clean the frozen fat from the stove, but do not leave scratches, wipe the problem areas with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or vodka.

15. Clean the burnt frying pan.


To clean the cinder from the pan, sprinkle it with baking soda mixed with 4-5 tablespoons of salt, cover with a little water and leave overnight. And in the morning the cinder will be washed in two accounts.

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