18 great ways to use old sheets

Many in the closet have a few sheets that have not been used for a long time. There may be a gift from relatives, not suitable to the style of your bedroom. Or kits from old stocks that have lain for years on the entresol. And it's a pity to throw it away, and you don't want to sleep at all.

Fortunately, there are at least 18 great ideas on how to create interesting things for the house from old sheets. It is especially interesting to use in the proposed projects vintage chintz and calico, which differ in the original pattern. In some ideas, you can even use battered sheets.

1. From two sheets you can sew a duvet cover.

The option can be a blanket or a bedspread that will decorate the bedroom. Especially good for such projects sheets of rigid linen fabric with a bright pattern. For bedspreads, you need to sew to the colored sheets a lining of dense fabric and decorate with fringe. Make the duvet cover even easier - sew two sheets, leaving a slit for the blanket in the side seam.

2. Sew a summer dress.

Strange as it might sound, but from vintage cambric or linen sheets with a floral pattern, you can sew an excellent outfit. Best of all this fabric will look if you choose a silhouette in the style of the 50s or 60s. Natural fabric will provide you comfort in hot weather. A pattern designed for frequent washings will retain its bright colors for a long time.

3. Build a wigwam.

Children will appreciate the idea of ​​creating a wigwam in the middle of the room. Kids will happily take part in the construction of such a "home", and after that they will spend a lot of interesting hours in it. The basis of sustainable wooden slats is better to make yourself. But to choose a suitable sheet from the old stock is better with the future inhabitants of the hut.

4. Turn into a beach cover of original design.

For this project, bedsheets from which it was not possible to remove stains, or simply washed enough. Bedspread of this form is very convenient to use for going to the beach with children. All the sand and dirt will remain outside. Simply reinforce the structure with a bag, water bottles and other items taken with you. For convenience, pockets can be sewn on the edges of the boards for various trifles.

5.Use as blankets for plants.

In the spring of old sheets, with a elastic band sewn on the bottom edge, young plants will be saved from night frosts. And in the morning you just need to dry the sheets from the dew.

6. Weave a toy for a dog.

You can, of course, buy another toy in a veterinary store, but it, like everyone else, is still waiting for one fate ... Dogs chew! In order not to spend extra money, simply cut the old sheets into pieces and weave a thick pigtail. Your pet will be delighted!

7. Build a dog bed.

Another alternative to shopping. Instead of expensive bedding, you can settle your pet on a soft pillow of old sheets. Simply stitch together two rectangles and put foam rubber or synthetic winterizer between them. And you can use for stuffing old things. The dog loves to sleep on a pillow that smells like its owner!

8. Sew a shopping bag.

The old bothersome sheet can serve you a little more. Cut out the rectangles of the desired shape and sew handles to them. This bag will withstand many purchases. And you do not have to ask for a package at the box office and feel guilty about the pollution of nature.When folded, the bag takes up very little space, which means you can always carry it with you. You can leave a few pieces in the car in case of unexpected purchases.

9. Weave a bath mat.

All unnecessary sheets should be cut into thin strips and weave a rug that is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. A great idea for using sheets that have burst from frequent washes.

10. Cut into napkins.

Throw linen sheets should not be, even in the event that they have holes or not displayed stains. Just carve out a good piece of cloth napkins. They can be used for serving or cleaning the kitchen. Trim the edges with a simple seam to prevent the fabric from shedding.

11. Sew a dressing gown using patchwork.

Old soft sheets can be put on a bath robe, made in the patchwork technique. Simply select the best pieces of fabric and carve out the necessary parts from them. If you do not like working with patterns, you can take for example any other dressing gown. Turn it inside out and circle the details with a piece of soap. This dressing gown will retain pleasant memories and give a feeling of warmth and comfort after a bath.

12.Sew a patchwork plaid.

Such a plaid in the patchwork technique will long preserve pleasant memories of those times when your sheets were still completely new. Particularly good in it are scraps from children's bedding sets with bright fabulous patterns.

13. Sew the laundry bag.

If your home does not have a basket for dirty laundry, an alternative to it may be a bag on the drawstring. It is much easier for him to find a place in an apartment of a small square. And you can sew several bags at the same time and put things in them in different colors. Then before washing the clothes do not have to pack up.

14. Sew a hammock.

A great option for a new life for an old sheet. The truth is to choose the strongest of them. In this hammock, you can very comfortably sit during a hike in the forest. And you can hang it in the shade right in the yard and rest on the envy of your neighbors. Some like to rest in a hammock so much that they hang it on the balcony!

15. Make pajama pants.

The soft fabric of the old sheet is simply made to sleep in it. Let even in a somewhat unusual form. Even the beginning seamstress will master such trousers. And the real craftswoman, perhaps, decide to take up the manufacture of pajamas entirely.

16. Sew pillowcases.

Maybe you have a lot of sheets of the same color, and you would like pillowcases to match? Or do you prefer pillows of non-standard sizes and ordinary pillow cases just do not fit them? There is an exit. This idea is perfect for the hostess, who has burned or tore up almost a new sheet. You can just leave a good part of the canvas and continue to sleep on it ...

17. Sew a cute apron.

Now, during cooking, clothes will be reliably protected from stains. And the old sheet can serve for some time. You can sew a few aprons and invite all family members to participate in the preparation of dinner.

18. Make a panel.

The brightest and most interesting patches of old sheets can be pulled on the embroidery hoop, thus making original decorations on the wall. You can add embroidery or appliqué. This decor is easy to move, so it is suitable, for example, for decorating a stand at an exhibition of needlework.

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