19 tricks that will simplify life

We are all accustomed to using things only for their intended purpose. But if you show imagination, then these ordinary things can greatly facilitate our lives. One has only to apply them a little to the intended purpose. Check out these 19 tricks, many of them will definitely come in handy for you!

1. Duvet cover and sheet fold into a pillowcase from the same set. So it is convenient to then find the whole set in the closet.

store bedding

2. Add spaces to the closet by double hangers. They are easy to make using an opener from a tin can.

double coat hanger

3. Small stains on natural suede are easy to clean with a nail file.

we clean suede

4. Rings from the curtain in the bathroom will be useful for convenient storage of scarves.

store scarves

5. Cocktail tubs will save your chains from entangling.


6. To separate the yolk from the protein will help ordinary plastic bottle. Break the egg into a bowl and “suck” the yolk with a bottle, like a pipette.

tricks that make life easier

7. Paper molds for muffins will decorate jars with preservation.

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8. A simple eraser will remove scuffs from the surface of wood and light skin.

tricks eraser

9. Do not rush to throw the net from citrus.She can clean the pots and pans well.

tricks for housewives

10. To earrings, studs are not lost, keep them on the button.

tricks to make life easier

11. Using an eraser to easily remove excess paint from the brush so that the bank remains clean.

tricks for life

12. In order not to electrify pants or skirt, attach a pin to the inner seam. If you have pants, attach pins to each leg.

tricks for women

13. Coffee filters will leave all the dirt on themselves, and the saucers under the pot will remain clean.

home tricks

14. Use clear nail polish to strengthen the nails on the glasses.

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15. Office paper clips are good to use as holders for cords. So they will not get lost and fall at the table.

how to hide the wires

16. It is easy to comb a fringe on curtains, napkins, carpets with a regular comb.

how to comb fringe

17. Old makeup brushes will help get rid of dust in the most inaccessible places. For example, between the keys of the keyboard.

how to clean the dust in the keyboard

18. Wine cork easily turn into a needle box.

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19. A hair straightener can be ironed into hard-to-reach places on clothes.

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