20 things we use every day wrong

1. Have you ever noticed a small metal plate on a stapler?

By turning this platform, you can bend the clips both inward and outward.

The outward bending can be used to temporarily fasten the sheets, in which case the bracket can be easily pulled out.

2. What are the numbers on skin care products?

In the description of the cosmetic product, you can find symbols such as “6M”, “12M” or “24M”. They indicate the expiration date of the product after opening the jar. Thus, in the example above, you have about 12 months to use this face cream after you opened the jar.

3. Have you ever noticed a hole in the pen cap?

In fact, this hole reduces the risk of choking if, for example, a small child accidentally swallows a cap.

4. Have you ever noticed this black dot strip along the outer edge of the car's windshield?

The black dot strip protects the glue-sealant, which keeps the windshield of the car in place, from ultraviolet sunlight.When exposed to ultraviolet glue is destroyed, therefore such protection is necessary.

5. Why do I need this extra pocket on jeans?

When jeans were first invented (even in the times of the Wild West), the fifth pocket was absolutely indispensable. It was the place where cowboys and gold diggers kept their pocket watches.

6. And why do we need these buttons on jeans?

Buttons are needed in order to strengthen the jeans in the weakest places and prevent their wear.

7. You, probably, never noticed before, but on many tubes there are such narrow colored stripes:

For you personally, this color does not matter, because such strips are necessary at the production stage of the product and allow optical sensors to recognize whether the packaging needs to be cut, bent or pressed.

8. Have you ever wondered why there are such cuts on the backpacks?

Such cuts are needed in order to pass carbines, ropes and attach additional equipment through them. Of course, this applies only to special backpacks designed for hiking.

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