30 of the most stylish wedding hairstyle options

To the most important day in your life look like a real queen.

Wedding hairstyle is considered one of the most important elements of a festive image. And in fact it would be desirable, that this day she was incredibly beautiful. Increasingly, the girls began to turn to the classic options and make curls at the wedding, but in the summer this arrangement cannot be called the most successful, because curls can quickly bloom. Therefore, we advise you to look at the hairstyles in which the hair will be removed, especially in the last Fashion Week dedicated to wedding dresses, the stylists did the hairstyles for the models.


“When choosing a wedding hairstyle you should always start from the dress and the image as a whole. If it is very bright and with a lot of details, it is better to choose a concise hairstyle. Perhaps it will be a hairstyle with collected hair, a romantic bun. For this image fit accessories with tape.

If we talk about more classic options, then it is smooth hair or styling with a wave element.This hairstyle emphasizes the romantic image of the bride, ”says Anna Khachaturova, art colorist, Aldo Coppola Barvikha.

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Recently in the trend of accessories from flowers: wreaths, headbands, flower combs. The main thing is to keep the flowers alive, because they look very beautiful. Just tell the florists in advance that the flowers will be arranged, so they can prepare them so that they will not wilt too soon.

If it seems to you that the pearls in the package are the last century, give them a second chance. Just choose large stones, and boldly fasten them on a high beam.

And of course, do not forget about the tiara. So you can look like a real princess, just combine this accessory with a minimalist dress and styling, the best option is a classic bun.

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