6 beauty inventions in the movies that every girl dreams of

The heroes of science fiction films can be envied: thanks to the imagination and creativity of the writers, they put into use incredible things that I would like to have in reality.

True, with some it is worth being very careful.

Instant nail polish, "Remember all"

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Remember, when the hero Arnold Schwarzenegger enters the reception office of the company, with which he will fight for the independence of Mars in the future, the sweet secretary, sitting at the table, paints her nails. And it makes it a wonderful pen that simply changes the color of the nails. One touch - and voila - a new color. Doesn't every girl dream about that! No divorces, long seats at the manicure table and expectations - well, when will it dry out!

Elixir of eternal youth, "Death to her"

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A dangerous thing, especially for those who do not know how to use it correctly! Judging by the heroines of the film (Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn), immortality and eternal youth turned out to be inappropriate for them: for the rivals literally fell apart.And just had to be reverent to the body and appearance. And immortality is a rather dubious gift (even if it had taken place in reality). The hero of Bruce Willis doubts this, preferring to live a normal life, grow old and leave this world surrounded by his beloved family.

Love potion, "Love drink number 9"

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Wouldn't you like to have a magical effect on the men around you? As Tosya from “Devchat” said: “So that they fall and fit themselves into the piles themselves”. Undoubtedly, this will raise self-esteem and make you feel like a real beauty queen. True, the heroine Sandra Bullock soon realized that it was extremely difficult and frightening to fight off the crowd of heated men, and decided to abandon risky experiments. And she found her love without any love elixirs.

Hermione's Bag, Harry Potter

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You would definitely not refuse such a magical backpack! After all, absolutely everything is placed in it - the economic Hermione spread out a whole tent camp in the forest. In addition to hiking gear it fits in a whole tent! Imagine how economical and profitable to travel with such a bag - no baggage and weight. You can take the whole wardrobe on the road!

Evaluation mirror, "The Mystery of the Seven Sisters"

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The heroine Numi Rapas (or rather, all seven characters), each morning standing at the mirror, received from him, so to speak, an assessment of the skin condition. As a professional cosmetologist and make-up artist, it suggested which areas of the skin should be paid attention to. Agree, this is unreal cool!

Eraser of memory, "Men in Black"

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A great helper in matters of the heart. In the heat of the moment, I spoke to my beloved inappropriate words, pressed a button - and again, my dear hare! True, you can overdo and erase from the memory of a man a promise to go to the sea or buy a fur coat.

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