7 fashionable things that a man should have this summer

To our happiness, men did not care what to wear. It seemed that quite recently they could not distinguish chinos from slacks, and from the suggestion to try on a flowered T-shirt in a store, they rolled their eyes. Today everything has changed. The guys have a hand on the pulse of fashion, are not indifferent to the trends and finally began to understand the brands. Having mastered the basics, they begin to form a seasonal capsular wardrobe. In our review of 7 cool things that should certainly be in the men's wardrobe this summer.

Neskuchny suit

You can endlessly admire the style of Italian men, and you can take some of its features into your wardrobe. Italians are not afraid of colors and prints, they are on a friendly footing with them. From here the most courageous color combinations and love to all bright. However, they know the measure and are able to stop in time. If you want to be in trend - buy a stylish suit with a print that can be worn on any occasion in the summer, and wear different festivities at other times of the year

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