7 rhinestone jewelry for frosty days

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

Rock crystal is not included in the top three or in the top ten of the most expensive stones, but nevertheless has its own symbolic history: the most expensive Easter egg for the collection of Emperor Nicholas II was made from rock crystal. In appearance, rock crystal - a kind of quartz - resembles glass, but in this ascetic appearance it has its own charm: it does not shine like a diamond, but passes through a glare of light through metered, like frozen smooth ice on a river. By the way, in ancient times, rhinestone was considered as if by magic frozen ice forever, which is no longer destined to melt. Isn't it a perfect aesthetic stone for the winter season? But wait to be outraged by its coldness - in jewelery it acquires the most varied in temperament roles.

Silver brooch with crystal and cubic zirconia

Exquisite accessory exists in three types.It is this figure that illustrates the flamenco dancer in an unusual pink, not red color with a floral ornament on her head.

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