9 non-standard ways to use fabric softener

The conditioner for rinsing makes the laundry soft and facilitates the ironing process. However, its beneficial properties are not limited to washing. Here are 9 amazing ways to use air conditioning, which you might not even guess.

Use fabric softener instead of air freshener

One of the main qualities that manufacturers pay attention to is its aroma. It is designed very carefully so that the most pleasant smell comes from your clothes. The aroma of an air conditioner is usually more delicate than that of a regular air freshener. Divide the cap of the air conditioner in two water caps, adding two tablespoons of soda. Place the mixture in a spray bottle to use when needed.


The smell of the air conditioner will scare away insects

Air conditioning can serve as a repellent - some insects and even small rodents hate sharp odors. Apply the product to the place of ants accumulation, or on the borders of the room.You can get wet wipes in the air conditioner and scatter in the basement - such measures will help scare off mice.


Keep the softness of paint brushes

Wash brushes after paint can be very difficult, even if you did it right away. In addition, even a clean brush can be rough after use. After cleaning the brush with a solvent, rinse it with water and apply a fabric softener. The tool can be left on the brush, rinse just before use.


The conditioner will save the surface from dust

Dusting can be very tiring, especially when it comes to glossy surfaces. Use for cleaning not ordinary water, but a mixture from a part of an air conditioner and three parts of water. Fill the spray gun with the composition and apply on the surface to be treated. The tool will work as an antistatic agent, and the dust will not settle on things that are most noticeable.

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Easily clean the tile in the bathroom

The walls in the bathroom wash is not so easy! Soapy water mixes with limescale and covers the entire surface, firmly fixed in the joints between the tiles. To spend on cleaning less time and effort, dip a napkin in the conditioner and apply it on the wall for 10-15 minutes. After that, all the dirt will be washed away much easier.


An indispensable tool in preparing the walls for repair

Sometimes it seems that pokleit new wallpaper is much easier than removing remnants of old from the walls. To start updating the room as early as possible, pay attention to one useful life hack. Dissolve the conditioner cap in a liter of warm water, and then apply the mixture with a sponge over the entire surface of the wallpaper. After 20 minutes, the wallpaper is saturated and easily move away from the walls. Unfortunately, for water-repellent wallpaper all the more difficult, you have to first remove their top layer with a solid wire metal brush.

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Make the carpet soft

Antistatic rinse works not only with linen. A carpet with a long nap, treated with the product will be softer and less polluted. Use a mixture of one part of the rinse aid and three parts of water. Apply it to the carpet using a spray gun. Repeat the procedure if the carpet is electrified again.

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Easy to clean animal hair

Although pets bring a lot of joy, their wool throughout the house is very annoying. To easily clean carpets and furniture, before vacuuming, spray the mixture from the air conditioner and the two parts of the water onto the pile.After that, the vacuum cleaner will cope with wool much more efficiently.


Remove traces of hairspray

The same composition (part of the air conditioner and two parts of water) will help to clean the walls or mirrors. Hairspray is simply designed to adhere well, but the conditioner will quickly cope with complex soiling. Apply the product on a paper napkin or cloth and wipe all surfaces that could be sprayed.

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