A brilliant idea of ​​recycling plastic bottles: to help needlewomen

When a person sees the potential and the ability to transform it into something more practical, it’s a real talent, and not a sign of poverty, as it’s mistakenly considered. Is it worth throwing out, for example, plastic bottles, if from the bottom of them you can very quickly make a useful thing for any needlewoman - an organizer? And from the "remnants" of plastic bottles - to make convenient handles for bags? Let's get acquainted with these two brilliant ideas!

You will need:

  • 6 plastic bottles (in MK milk packaging was used);
  • knife;
  • thin colored fabric for the exterior of the organizer and thick fabric under the bottom;
  • Scotch.

Getting started:

1. Remove labels from bottles. Cut the bottom of all bottles (about half), they should have the same height. Put together in two rows.

2Wrap a thin bottle cloth, fasten with pins, then sew a cover with a secret seam, pull back onto the bottles. Bottom secure with scotch tape. Then cut out the bottom of a dense fabric and secure it to the organizer with a seam over the edge.

3. If you use milk containers, you can make convenient bag holders for pens. To do this, the handle itself from the bottle is cut off, the edges are rounded. Then you should cut the handle along the seam-spike. The holder for the packages is ready!

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