A lioness in the zoo tried to drag a one-year-old child

Maybe she took the baby for her kitten, or maybe she was going to gobble up - it's a pity that she herself cannot tell it.

As soon as this video appeared on the network, it immediately became just megapopular. In addition to jokes - more than 12 million people watched it! The main characters of the video are a charming little boy named Trent and a resident of the zoo in Colorado, the lioness Angie. One year old Trent won the beauty of Angie at first sight. The lioness, it seemed, was simply unable to tear herself away from the little one. But her neighbors in the aviary did not pay the slightest attention to the baby.

Angie was courting Trent and so, and that: tried to get him with her paw, strove to grab hold of the collar with her teeth. But durable glass, which fenced the cage from the audience, did not allow her either one or the other. For the better, of course, because Angie's one paw was bigger than the whole Trent. And in her mouth could fit the head of a little boy, and there would still be a place left.By the way, the kid was not at all embarrassed by such attention: he was just happy, he squeezed tiny little hands and cooed gently with a huge predator.

What I wanted to do with Trent Angie, the story is silent about this. Parents are sure that the lioness was burning from the boy’s desire to devour. But she could not be more hungry than her companions? Maybe, due to the suddenly awakened maternal instinct of Angie, and she just wanted to drag the kitten to a secluded place? It is a pity that Angie herself will not tell. But then we have a video that is truly worth seeing.

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