A simple remedy that delicately whitens even washed clothes

It turns out that aspirin has long been used not only for its intended purpose, to relieve the headache. Aspirin is a cheap and effective bleaching agent for clothes that can compete with store chemical bleaches in terms of effectiveness. It delicately whitens even wiped clothes, without damaging the fabric, and also copes with stubborn stains.

To ensure the effectiveness of aspirin, you should apply it in the case. There are several ways for this:

  1. 5 tablets of aspirin 325 mg are dissolved (tablets must be crushed) in 8 liters of warm water and soaked things overnight. Rinse in the morning.
  2. 4-7 tablets of aspirin are crushed and added during washing to the machine. Such a technique will help to return freshness to faded things.
  3. The strongest effect is achieved by soaking clothes in “aspirin” water for 3-5 hours right before washing.

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