A ton of plaster: Kardashian showed how much makeup on her face

The contouring queen was not ashamed to demonstrate the amount of tonal resources, blush, and bronzer that help her look always beautiful.

Kim Kardashian posted in her Instagram a short video of the process of branded makeup. And note, this is only the initial stage! The socialite resembled an Indian in war paint more than a star, followed by a million-strong army of fans.

The celebrity has once again demonstrated that with the help of beauty tools you can “draw” the perfect face. True, you have to arm in full. Foundation, concealer, proofreader, matting agents, highlighter, bronzer and blush - and how does Kim's skin withstand such an abundance of cosmetics ?!

Oct 16 2017 at 8:07 pdt

We asked makeup artist Anna Nikitina how harmful the excessive use of cosmetics was and where such makeup would be appropriate.

“I do not think that in everyday life Kardashian wears so much makeup. This makeup is suitable only for an important event, and it is in the evening.In the light, all layers will be visible, roughly speaking, "plaster". Girls who practice excessive contouring as an everyday make-up (especially a day one) look very funny. A photo session, a holiday, a secular party - such make-up would be appropriate. Every girl knows that the skin should rest, and such violence against the skin comes around - will not find it enough. Black dots can turn into inflammatory acne, the skin quickly heals and will peel off, premature aging and wrinkles from lack of oxygen - this is the price of love for excess. A light layer of foundation, matting powder, a little blush, colored eyelashes, light arrows on the eyelids and, of course, a beautiful eyebrow shape: this is enough. ”

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