Advantages and disadvantages of panoramic windows

If there is not enough light in your house, then elegant panoramic windows will eliminate such a drawback. But before you install them, evaluate their features, advantages and disadvantages.

What are such windows?

Panoramic windows are very large, they open a panoramic view of everything that is located behind them. Sometimes this window replaces almost the entire wall.

In what cases are appropriate?

It is worth noting that panoramic windows are appropriate and not always permissible. For example, if you have a typical apartment, then the expansion of the window opening may simply be an impossible task, because it will reduce the strength and stability of the wall. But in a cottage or a house, this option will be quite appropriate, and sometimes this method allows you to literally transform the home.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose panoramic windows? There are several important points that you definitely need to pay attention to:

  • Warm or cold glazing. The latter option involves the use of only glass paintings without frames (there is only a metal profile used for installation), and it is suitable for loggias or balconies.Warm glazing involves the use of glass and frames.
  • The frame (profile) can be made of different materials. The most environmentally friendly and ergonomic is a tree, it significantly reduces heat loss. Aluminum is strong and relatively light, but through it comes a significant amount of heat. PVC (polyvinyl chloride, in other words, plastic) is the most inexpensive, easy and easy-to-care material. Heat losses are average, and strength is the lowest (in comparison with other options).
  • Opening method. The most common option is tilt and turn fittings, which plow the sash with hinges and move them to the ventilation position. Folding the accordion allows you to almost completely free the opening, removing the flaps to the sides. The option is non-standard and not the most common, besides, the insulation will be low. Parallel-sliding design is quite practical, as it allows you to choose the position of ventilation, as well as to provide a very high thermal insulation and tightness. But seals can wear out quickly. Another option - lifting and sliding fittings.This is probably one of the best options, as it guarantees noise isolation, tightness and minimal heat loss. But the only disadvantage is the high cost.
  • The glass used for the manufacture of panoramic windows, too, is different. For example, it can be tinted, that is, darkened and providing protection from sunlight. The shade can be bluish, gray, bronze or greenish. The degree of toning is determined in percentage: the higher it is, the darker will be the glass. Also, the canvas can be a reflex mirror. Special thinnest metal oxide coating reflects objects and light. If you want to ensure maximum security of the opening, then choose strong armored glasses, which are almost impossible to break.
  • The number of cameras. The chamber is an air space between glasses, providing decrease in heat loss. The single-chamber double-glazed window consists of two glass cloths. But it is better to choose a two-chamber window, presupposing the presence of three glasses and two spaces between them.

Advantages and disadvantages

For a start it is worth listing the advantages of panoramic windows:

  • Excellent view from the window.If in front of the house opens a gorgeous landscape, then you can definitely appreciate it.
  • It looks elegant and interesting, panoramic windows will literally transform a home, make it luxurious and rich.
  • This option will provide maximum natural lighting in the daytime, and if the house is dark, then it will come in handy.
  • Panoramic windows will give you a feeling of complete unity with nature, which is especially important if the cottage is in the countryside and in a picturesque area.
  • If you choose durable double-glazed windows and install an alarm, you can ensure maximum safety and security of the home.


  • Through the panoramic window almost the entire inner part of the house will be visible, and this can be embarrassing, especially if the windows overlook a lively place, and not a quiet garden hidden from prying eyes.
  • This option may be associated with some threats. If the glass unit is not durable, it can be damaged, both from the inside (by the residents themselves) and from the outside (by intruders or by insuperable circumstances, for example, by natural forces).
  • Panoramic windows increase heat loss, which can make the room cold.But this can be avoided by providing heating (this will increase the cost of heating, which can also be considered a disadvantage).
  • Direct sunlight penetrating the opening may interfere or distract.
  • Sound insulation can be significantly reduced, especially if the glass pack is of poor quality.
  • Complicated care. Glass so large area is much more difficult to wash or wipe.
  • Chance of condensation and icing glasses in the cold season.
  • If you decide to install such a window in the apartment, then you will have to agree on a plan in the appropriate authority.

Important nuances

To make the panoramic windows transform the house, but do not affect the comfort of its residents, you can follow some recommendations:

  1. Consider heating the window in advance. It can be equipped in several ways. The first - warm floor. The system is invisible, but the zone will be comfortable and warm. The second option - low tubular radiators placed near the aperture. The third option is convectors embedded in the flooring. And finally, you can order modern heated windows.
  2. Do not forget to ensure safety, especially if the house has children.Panoramic windows are always associated with the risk of their damage and loss through them, and to prevent this, you can install light barriers alongside. Review, they almost do not spoil, but they will provide security.
  3. Be prepared for the fact that panoramic windows will have to be washed frequently, as the pollution will greatly spoil their appearance and visibility. And it is better to purchase a special sponge, resembling a mop, it will greatly simplify the task. Also use quality detergents.
  4. Pay attention and design window. The main task is to make sure that the opening itself is not "lost" against the background of curtains. It is advisable to choose the most simple option, as complex elements will pay attention to themselves and distract it from the most important thing - the view from the window. It is better to choose concise roller blinds or simple and lightweight curtains.

Let the panoramic windows transform your home and make it bright and cozy!

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