Alena Vodonaeva faints

The project “Dancing with the Stars” deprived Alain Vodonaev of health. The girl began to faint from overwork.
Alena Vodonaeva
Alena Vodonaeva
Photo: Instagram by Alena Vodonaeva

Ambitions do not give Alena Vodonaeva peace. TV presenter so desperately wants to win in a dance show that does not feel sorry for herself and seriously risks her health. From fatigue and zeal with which the star trains, Alena Vodonaeva began to faint.

“Two fainting. It is good that I live with a nanny. It is necessary to rest, of course, but I already ran. I will rest after 100% rumba! Lying, ”writes Alyona Vodonaeva on Twitter. And the girl does not consider this phenomenon to be something serious and is treated for the illness with strong coffee. The TV anchor is not going to contact the doctor, it is more convenient for her to ask advice from her fans. “What should I buy in a pharmacy, so that the hearty one is and the head thinks? What vitamins are good? I am OK! Do not panic! I feel good, I drink coffee, ”the newly-made dancer soothes the followers.

From the very beginning of participation in the show, Alena Vodonaeva complained that the project “Dancing with the Stars” was exhausting her. The girl sleeps little, she trains a lot and even cries for fatigue.However, she found an effective way to get rid of stress.

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