All according to the rules: omens predicting a happy marriage

So that your family life does not break about domestic problems and other difficulties, it is necessary to do everything right from the very beginning. So, for example, according to national signs, a happy marriage depends on the time of year. We tell you what month to plan a celebration in order to live a long time and celebrate a golden wedding.

Our ancestors never made spontaneous decisions regarding the wedding ceremony. This event was carefully prepared and checked against all signs and a calendar, trying to hold a ceremony on certain dates. We have compiled a “cheat sheet”, thanks to which you can choose the most successful month for the ceremony.

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In the first month of the new year, you should not plan wedding celebrations. It is believed that conjugal life will be overshadowed by adversity and the lovers will face severe trials.


If you want to live together with your spouse in complete harmony, trust and harmony, then sign in February.This is a very favorable month, which for some reason, many couples underestimate.


A very alarming month, which does not promise the young wife anything good. It is believed that a woman who dares to get married in March, in the future, expect constant disassembly with her husband, who will perceive everything that happens very belligerently.


This is a very volatile and unstable month. Therefore, according to beliefs, married life will also be hectic and not always happy.


To get married in May - to miss your whole life, our ancestors believed and were partly right. This is not the best month to conclude alliances. According to national signs, spouses who have decided to play a wedding in May, will soon betray and, as a result, parting.


Very good, almost perfect month for the conclusion of weddings. If you want to live with your husband as if in a “honeymoon”, then sign for the first summer month. According to the signs, you will definitely not regret!


The married couple, who decided to form their union in the middle of summer, are waiting for very changeable days, like the July weather. There will be happy moments in the family, and serene harmony, and passions.


In order for the beloved to become truly close and maintain friendly relations, it is necessary to play the wedding in August. In addition, our ancestors assure that in such a pair, love will not die out, but will only grow stronger over the years.


Traditional wedding month, promising a truly strong and unbreakable marriage union. It is believed that spouses who got married in September will have an easy, calm and full-fledged family life.


If you are not afraid of difficulties and are willing to take a chance, then, of course, you can celebrate your wedding in October. A boring life will definitely not be!


Spouses who sign in November will have a very rich life, and this will be expressed not only in material benefits. In short, fate will be very generous to the people who entered into marriage at this time.


It is believed that this month is ideal for those who marry for the first time. Our ancestors believed that love, officially formalized in December, would grow and grow stronger, and adversity would bypass the young family side.

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