Amazing armchairs from George and Peter Slokoski

Vintage, Decor, Workshop, Furniture

FRAMEis an amazing collection of upholstered furniture from the craftsmen from BulgariaGeorge and Peter Slokoski. Huge baroque-style frames combined with luxurious velvet upholstery guarantee those who sit in such a chair or couch, not only comfort, but also interested views from those around them.

The FRAME collection includes single chairs and sofas that can comfortably seat up to three people. By the way, the weight of one such chair is 85 kg, of which 35 kg falls on the frame, the height of the product is 180 cm.

Armchairs and sofas FRAME are made by hand. Masters carefully work out each element - for 8.5 thousand British pounds, and about as much as one armchair, everything should be at the highest level.

One of the chairs had already settled in the DenverNATIV Hotel. It has become a real highlight of the hotel - guests are lining up to take pictures in his soft arms.

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