Amazing bag-litter: and the sea, and hiking, and for a picnic

This cool bag-laying will be a real salvation in a hike, at sea, or just at a picnic. When you do not want to fold the bulk litter separately, you can once sew yourself a bag that you can carry nicely in your hands, and you can reuse them. It easily folds and unfolds, it is comfortable to lie on it, but from the outside it resembles a small traveling bag. Of course, a lot of things in it do not add up - a maximum, wallet, but on the beach or on a picnic does it really need more? It is very elegant and compact, and therefore just can not like it!

To sew such a handbag, you need to prepare:

  • durable fabric - for the outer part;
  • waterproof lining;
  • a tape that will act as a pen;
  • sticky tape

Here is the pattern with the size of the bag:

Step by step process of work.

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