Amy Schumer "lost" in Photoshop, and she made a scandal

The actress said she loves herself and that.

37-year-old actress and screenwriter Amy Schumer recently played a major role in the film "Girl without complexes." And it seems that the name of the tape fully describes its character. Amy can hardly be called thin, but she never complexed about this. Sumer gladly wears tight-fitting dresses and leggings and is not even going to go on a diet.

But it seems that fans would like to see a girl more slender. One of the fans even found a photo of Schumer in a bikini and with the help of photo editors turned off the actress a few centimeters in all strategically important places, after which he boasted the result in the network.

“I think Amy looks great now,” the fan wrote. “But in my opinion, it still looks better on the second photo.”

Amy's real figure
Photo: @amyschumer
Amy after photoshop
Photo: @amyschumer

I saw this post and actress. And he terribly outraged her.She posted these photos to her on Instagram, signing on one: “My real body”, and on the second, edited: “Boo”.

“I like the way I look in reality, without embellishment. This is my body. I love my body for being strong, healthy and sexy, ”Amy wrote. After these words, the author of the collage immediately apologized, acknowledged that Schumer was right, and deleted his work.

By the way, in recent years, the movement against photo editors is gaining momentum - the stars, having noticed photoshop even in their glossy pictures, are outraged by retouchers and say that the photos are too far from reality.

Even Kim Kardashian, even though he periodically tortures himself in the gymnasium, thinks that extra centimeters are not an obstacle to happiness and popularity: “It's amazing what everyone thinks: since you are in the center of attention, it must be perfect,” she said. - I sometimes overeat, but at the same time I feel great. See this cellulite? It's all about cookies and ice cream. But if I had been on a diet all my life, I would have been just unhappy. I like to eat. If you can not enjoy life, then what's the point in diets? You can't torture yourself. I confess that I love cookies, ice cream and frozen yogurt. ” remembered other stars who are absolutely not shy about their weight and appearance.

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