An Instagram account will help you count calories in your favorite sweets.

Sonya Morsikova

If you can not lose weight, because no, no, yes, let yourself be harmful, like nutella, cans of cola or chips, subscribe to the new page of @CalorieBrands, which appeared on Instagram. There, with the help of Photoshop, the packaging of all your favorite and at the same time such harmful products undergoes a redesign, and now instead of the logo we can clearly see how many calories are actually hidden in them. The figures, to be sure, are impressive, but it does not look as frightening as a warning about the dangers of smoking on cigarette packs.

So if you still want to get in shape for the beach season or “finally lose this hateful kilogram”, remember these numbers and the next time your hand reaches for your favorite Oreo cookies or Skittles, just look at the insta-page of calories and give them to the enemy.

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