Anastasia Makeeva: “I lived a strange life in marriage”

The actress frankly told Woman’s Day about how her life changed after her divorce from Gleb Matveychuk.

Anastasia Makeeva is now getting used to the status of a free woman and not only. After her divorce from Gleb Matveychuk, the actress discovered many different talents in herself.

Very soon her first collection of clothes, which she created in conjunction with fashion designer Apollo Baygakoffym, will be released; the “Open Yourself” leisure center for women has already started its work, which she created herself. And this is just the beginning. Makeeva admitted that she was learning to live in a new way, otherwise she communicates with people and very much wants to realize her main project as soon as possible - to become a mother.

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Anastasia, lately your life has changed dramatically, you have again become a free woman, preparing to debut as a designer. Tell us more about the collection that you are preparing to launch with designer Apollo Baygakoffym, and how did fate bring you together with him?
Anastasia Makeeva

We met with Apollo at the MIFF-2016. At first we just talked and exchanged ideas.I really liked the work of Apollo, all so bright, beautiful. Then we decided to create something joint, we are both creative people and cannot live without bright colors and impulses to create something new.

The idea was born somehow of itself, that is, it turned out so organic and natural ... It happens only when very responsible and professional people work in a team! Our collection for urban girls who want to feel like real ladies in the stone jungle.

We invented the images with Apollo, it’s difficult to describe the whole creative process, but I’ll say that contact and understanding of what our collection will be like, we found right away!

Not so long ago, the media wrote that you proposed cooperation Boris Grachevsky, is that so? Considering his offer?
Anastasia Makeeva

That's right, at the press conference devoted to the premiere of the musical fairy tale "Miracle Yudo", Glachevsky suggested that I play with him in Yeralash. Let's see how this is implemented, while this is just a sentence.

Photo: Dmitry Iskhakov / archive "Antenna - Telesem"
What other projects are you currently working on?
Anastasia Makeeva

Recently, I organized a women's leisure center “Open Yourself”,in which I gather all women of different ages. There we meet, communicate, learn to be beautiful, happy, find new friends.

I think the center is very relevant for such a metropolis as Moscow. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by many people, sometimes we feel lonely. In order to help women fill the lack of communication, I created a center.

I would like to note that in the age of technology, the Internet and virtual communication, I urge to return to live communication, where we can verbally express our emotions, share secrets and talk about the important. I also take part in another amazingly interesting project, which will premiere in spring or next autumn.

This is a musical performance called Oscar and the Pink Lady, where I will play the pink lady, which is very responsible for me. The performance is extraordinary, deaf-mute artists will take part in it. Therefore, in just a few months, I have to fully master the language of the deaf-and-dumb. I think it will be difficult, but extremely interesting.

Do you have a favorite entertainment or hobby?
Anastasia Makeeva

I have always loved traveling, but recently I began to appreciate live communication with people, because this is wildly lacking in my life.Very often, in pursuit of career growth, we lose those simple things and skills that we have been given since childhood.

Living in a big city, people see nothing except work and home, and spend their energy on those who in some way can contribute to their career growth. It ends with the fact that a person loses the ability to disinterestedly communicate with other people. I want to restore this balance within myself and therefore I communicate a lot, this is now my favorite hobby.

In which profession would you like to succeed other than acting?
Anastasia Makeeva

I would like to be a good mom. I think this is the most important profession for every woman. I really want children and want to be a decent mom for them.

For the rest, I am happy ... I am glad that I became an actress, I am in demand and all the time I try to improve myself in my work. In addition, pay attention to how much I do not by my profession: I organized a women's club “Open Yourself”, a children's art academy, produce my own performances, organize tours and so on ...

Thus, I want to say that I have acquired many skills that are not related to acting.

The marriage with Gleb Matveychuk lasted six years
Photo: Starface
Recently, you have changed in your personal life. What is the main lesson learned from marriage?
Anastasia Makeeva

After Gleb and I divorced, I thought a lot and came to the conclusion that I loved myself very little, paid too little attention to myself and lived too much the life of another person. I realized that I was depriving myself of communication with people and friends. I fill all this emptiness, which was formed inside, with communication. I try to easily meet new people of different professions, it expands the horizons well and brings many benefits.

Do you think you need to burn all the bridges or is it worth finding the strength to maintain friendly relations after the break? What is your relationship with Gleb?
Anastasia Makeeva

My ex-husband and I stayed in normal relations. I do not consider it necessary to burn bridges. Think for yourself: for what? This is part of your life, and she needs to say thank you, let her go and move on.

Photo: Dmitry Iskhakov / archive "Antenna - Telesem"
Do you feel that all your experiences about divorce are over?
Anastasia Makeeva

I survived a divorce. You know, the main thing here is to realize. I have such a quality: I am in love with a person while I admire him, but as soon as I get disappointed, love immediately loses its inner core.I was disappointed, probably, in something, including myself. Therefore, it became easier for me to understand why a divorce happened, and most importantly, I understood that this was how it should have happened.

Is your heart free now?
Anastasia Makeeva

The actress mysteriously smiled in response and said nothing.

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