Annual Emmy Award: nominees, laureates and stars

Every year, the masters of the “soap opera” and the directors of various reality shows get together to measure themselves and determine the best in the profession. On July 18, a significant event happened: nominees were announced, they are potential laureates, Emmy is a prize, which is the peak for TV men. The ceremony is scheduled for September 22, on the stage of the Los Angeles Theater Nokia. By the way, the very fact of including one or another artist, presenter or director in the list of nominees is worth a lot - it's honor and respect, recognition of merit in front of the television audience. And it does not matter whether someone will get a statuette (this is influenced by a number of factors). Nomination is already an achievement.

Annual award

The award for which they are fighting so zealously is a winged woman with a model of an atom in her hands. This development belongs to Louis McManus, a TV engineer who was posed as a model by her own wife. Design approved in 1948.The figurine personifies the muse of art, while the atom in its hands symbolizes science and modern technology. The three-kilogram reward reaches a height of 29 centimeters. Figurines are cast in the company that produces Golden Globe and Oscar ... So now you know what prize is awarded at the Emmy Awards. As for the name, the Emmy is not a female name at all, as you might think, but the word “immy” is an obsolete cathode tube that was once used in the production of television cameras.

Apparently, the nominees are now harboring speeches, along with exclusive outfits, since this is not about the chamber gatherings, but about the grandiose TV show, which is practically not inferior in scale to Oscar. Neil Patrick Harris - illusionist, actor, singer, star of the series "Losers" was appointed the presenter. In the past, Harris himself has repeatedly shone on the Emmy and Golden Globe stages.

Well, it's time to stroll through the list of nominees. For the right to be considered the best TV series in the dramatic genre will compete "House of Cards", "Downton Abbey", "Motherland", "Game of Thrones", "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men". All nominated pictures are broadcast not the first year.The only exception is the "House of Cards" - a new project by David Fincher, who became famous for his "Fight Club" and "Social Network". Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are starring in the film, which is already an indicator of quality. The favorites of the race, of course, will be "Mad Men" and the fantasy "Game of Thrones."

Every artist dreams of these figurines.

The current Emmy 2013 Award is perhaps the most fruitful for good series, pleasing the viewer with a consistently high level of production. So, in the category of comedy series for the title of the best claim: "Studio 30", "American family", "Louis", "Girls" and, of course, the cult "The Big Bang Theory". It is necessary to briefly describe these works. “Studio 30” is a sitcom about selfless television workers, understandable only to them. "Girls" - the series is eccentric, avant-garde. Lena, who took him off, managed to collect a bunch of awards last year, and now she is nominated again. As for "Theory" and "American Family", then we have already a classic of the genre, which continues to feed the audience with powerful seasons.

Now let's move on to personalities. Competition for the victory as the best dramatic actress intend to Michel Dokkeri,shining in Downton Abbey, Vera Farmiga, starring in Bates Motel (plot intersecting with Hitchcock's Psycho), Robin Wright, lit up in Card House, Claire Danes (Rodina), Connie Britton (Nashville) ), “Scandalous” actress Kerry Washington and Elizabeth Moss, familiar to us thanks to the “Mad Men”. "Nashville" - a stylish series that withstands the atmosphere of country music and tells about the relationship between an aging pop diva and her young rival.

Among the drama performers are the best recognized Kevin Spacey, already familiar to us from “The House of Cards”, the gorgeous John Hamm from The Mad Men, Jeff Daniels (“News”), Hugh Bonneville, starring in the Abbey, the heavy sinner Brian Cranston and Damian Lewis ("Homeland").

In the comedy genre, the best actress will take the throne: Tina Fey (the author of the idea and the star of “Studio 30”), Ora Dern, who played in Enlightened, Idi Falco (“Nurse Jackie”), Lena Dan for their own “Girls”, Julia Louis -Dreyfus, (honorary "Vice-President") and Amy Poehler, who adore relaxing in recreation areas and other parks.

Comedic guys whose interests cross in September are Jason Batemanthe only one from “Slow Development”, Alec Baldwin (“Studio 30”), Matt LeBlanc, appearing “sporadically”, the unforgettable Jim Parsons from The Theory, Don Cheadle from “House of Lies” and Lewis S.K. ("Louis").

The main nominations are over. There are also guest stars, music for titles and a second plan. Among the channels, the absolute record holder is NVO, which opened the audience to "News", "Game of Thrones", "Little Girls" and many other exciting projects. In general, there is someone to cheer.

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