"The Ant-Man and the Wasp" and 5 more cool premieres of the week

The baby superhero performed by the star of family comedies Paul Rudd is back. Four years later, after the release of the first Ant-Man film, it was just as dynamic, funny and friendly.

Now Scott Lang has a full partner, Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), who is transformed into a superhero Osu with the help of a unique costume. Ant's warm relationship with his daughter, Louis' jokes (charming Michael Peña), and the patronage of Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) have also been preserved.

This time, the heroes will save Mother Hope, reduced to the size of elementary particles ...


Natalie Dormer as a blind pianist, escaping from the mafia, seducing and intriguing.

Producer:Anthony Byrne
Cast:Natalie Dormer, Emily Ratakovski, Ed Skrain, Joely Richardson, James Cosmo

The blind pianist Sophia is a witness to the death of her neighbor Veronika, the daughter of a Serbian criminal.A mafia, war criminals, the police immediately gather around the blind girl and everyone wants to find out the truth. Sofia, who has no one to rely on except herself, does not intend to become a victim.


Intellectual metaphorical cinema, diagnosing modern Koreans.

Producer:Lee Chang-dong
Cast:Yu A-in, Jong Jon-soo, Stephen Yang, Kim Su-kyong

Haruka Murakami’s story about a strange love triangle, each of whose participants is not as good as we would like. The boy Chon-soo meets the former neighbor girl, turned into a beautiful model. She temporarily leaves for Africa and returns with a confident and successful Ben. Chon-su is obsessed with jealousy not only for the girl, but also for the lifelong success and security of her opponent. The intrigue with the family a trois will be resolved in a bloody way, but even by the end it will not pick up the pace.

"Paris. City Zombie "

The most leisurely movie about zombies.

Producer:Dominique Roche
Cast:Anders Danielsen Lie, Holshifte Farahani, Denis Lavan, Sigrid Bouazi

A slow film about zombies, based on the book "The World ate the Night" by Pete Agarmen.
Falling asleep at a noisy party in the center of Paris, the guy Sam discovers that his ex-girlfriend, friends and everything else turned into bloodthirsty zombies.Sam will survive in this new Paris. In contrast to the series of films about the zombie apocalypse, in this picture there is no impressive mochilov. Just a lonely, scared and unprepared for such a strange situation, an intelligent drummer is trying to survive and not go crazy.


The film is about a girl who considers her boyfriend a maniac.

Producer:Michael Pierce
Cast:Johnny Flynn, Jessie Buckley, Geraldine James, Oluen Fuer

Girl Mall, living with their powerful relatives, feels lonely and misunderstood. One day she meets a beautiful, wildish boy, Pascal, who reveals to her the new facets of herself. At the same time, on the island where events are taking place, innocent girls are being killed, and the Mall suspects Pascal ...

"Try a tack"

Comedy about how the egoist and macho finally fell in love.

Producer:Frank Dubossk
Cast:Frank Dubosc, Alexandra Lamy, Elsa Zilberstein, Gerard Darmon

A slightly intolerant, but funny French-Belgian comedy with a surprisingly accurate title. The main character, a liar and an egoist Jocelyn, unexpectedly falls in love with a girl on a wheelchair.But he is not confused by this, but by the fact that he, having fallen into the trap of his own lies, is forced to pretend to be an invalid. The film became the directorial debut of the French comedian Frank Dubosc, he also played the main role.

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