Arbor design: 8 practical projects with a twist

If you want to spend more time in the summer on the street, the arbor can be your favorite place in the country. A good gazebo design should meet your needs and characteristics of your site. Let's look at creative solutions for sites with various problems, and how professional arbor design could beat them.

Modern arbor design.

This gazebo looks light and bright, although it was built on a small area near the wall of the house and the fence.

The frame of the gazebo is welded from metal, the roof over the dining area is covered with transparent polycarbonate, part of the gazebo, which is occupied by the summer kitchen, is sewn with a cement-bonded chipboard.

In the far corner of the gazebo is a brazier, which is located so that the smoke from it does not fall into the gazebo.

The lower kitchen cabinets and the working wall are finished in the same style as stone.

Very interesting decoration of the upper kitchen cabinets - wooden bars, cut at different angles.

In the same style, the wall was designed next to the dining table.

This gazebo, designed by Roman Belyanin, turned out to be functional, comfortable and very modern.

The design of the gazebo was able to combine unusual original techniques and utilitarian functions.

Design a small arbor.

This gazebo looks like a small rural house. And if in the dining area the shadow creates a cozy coolness on a hot day, then for the working area of ​​the kitchen you need light.

Therefore, part of the roof of the kitchen sewed transparent polycarbonate.

And small decorative windows in a blank wall visually expand the total space of the gazebo.

Arbor design near the tree.

Sometimes, it seems that there is no place for a gazebo - everything in the garden is planted with trees and shrubs.

This gazebo with a summer kitchen was built near the old apple tree according to a project by designer Victoria Landar.

The gazebo area is divided into two parts - a large dining area is located closer to the brazier, a smaller area with a small terrace is located closer to the playground.

A convenient brick grill is equipped with a hood - so the smoke from the fire will not get into the gazebo.

Since the family spends many evenings in the gazebo - and the gazebo itself and the terrace facing it are equipped with a different kind of lighting.

Unusual design arbors.

This seemingly ordinary arbor is located in an unusual place - the hostess decided to build a gazebo ... around the well.

Therefore, designer Irina Ivanova turned this well into an unusual table, the tabletop of which rises with the help of a block.

In everything else, the gazebo is traditional enough - on the one hand - a desk for the summer kitchen,

on the other - a brazier.

Arbor design with several seating areas.

This gazebo is designed by Natalia Zakharova and includes three zones: Romantic recreation area with swings.

Cozy living room in the garden.

And the summer kitchen, which is located in the center of the gazebo.

This gazebo stretched along the fence and now this corner of the garden looks completely different - stylish and cozy.

Wooden arbor design.

Not so often in our gardens you will meet a blue arbor - more often it is arbors with an open texture of wood or green and white.

And the color was not chosen by chance - designer Alena Timofeeva made this gazebo in oriental style with the decor of blue ceramic tiles.

Simple summer kitchen tables plus a wall around the barbecue, lined with tiles, turned the gazebo into a real oriental tent.

Arbor design next to the house.

There is nothing more permanent than a temporary one - a temporary house and a newly built house remained in the same garden area looking at each other with entrance doors. For each of them, their own important business was found - the temporary house serves as a summer kitchen now, the whole family is housed in a large one.

The summer kitchen from the temporary house turned out to be good, but the dining area there is quite small, so designer Marina Stepanova suggested combining these two houses with a gazebo and veranda.

A small shed between the houses and the resulting patio near the gazebo, equipped with a beautiful landscape design, made it possible to use the summer kitchen more conveniently and created an additional seating area next to the house.

Design of arbor from logs.

Although this gazebo is located on the usual garden plot, it looks like a hunting lodge.Felled from logs, with a small flooring of logs, with a live tree inside the arbor itself - all this gives the impression that it is located in a deep forest.

Designer Ilya Verin used beautiful combinations of natural materials - wood and stone in the design of this arbor. Wood and stone on the barbecue area.

Wood and stone in the arbor itself. The gabion benches combined with the wooden saws table create the impression that exciting adventures await you. This was just the effect that was required, because a gazebo was built for the family, which includes a whole company of tomboys.

Unlike the standard arbor, the arbor design that you develop for your plot can not only compensate for the problem areas of the plot, but also create a very special mood for your family.

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