Arched doors: the nuances of choice

Non-standard arched constructions attract the attention of homeowners who are trying to give originality to their homes, so such constructions can now be found not only in public institutions, offices, but also in residential buildings. The right choice of the arch design is always associated with the need for knowledge of materials, manufacturing, technology, forms.

Materials for arched doors, their forms

Arched doors are most often made from coniferous wood; such products belong to the budget option. For the manufacture of more expensive models use oak, maple, mahogany - these breeds, in addition to aesthetic appeal, also have good performance qualities: resistance to moisture, strength, durability. The market also offers inexpensive arched doors made of MDF, chipboard with wooden elements.
In recent decades, began to actively use plastic, aluminum profile.Any arched design can be decorated with decor in the form of, for example, toning, artistic carving or stained glass. When choosing a door, you should pay attention to the overall style of your room and the product being purchased - harmony must be felt everywhere!
Doorways are of two types: lancet or round. In the latter case, there is a generally accepted classification:
- Classic opening: the radius of the arc is correct. It looks beautiful, but space is eaten: to complete the arrangement of such an opening, you will need at least 2.5 m height.
- Ellipsoid: the arch is made in the form of an ellipse. This type of opening is well suited for low spaces.
- With a direct center and rounded corners (“romance”): it also differs in undemanding to the height of the room;
- With the rise of the arch ("modern"): the original appearance of the arched opening, which fits well with the high-tech style.

Arched door manufacturing methods

The most famous and ancient method is to boil wood for a long time. The wood processed in such a way is capable of taking a given shape - it remains to bind the workpiece in an arc and wait until the structure dries.The second method implies the presence of a large array of valuable wood, from which the arched canvas is cut out entirely.
A door made by a similar method is quite rare and has a maximum value. The third method serves to produce low-cost products and is in-line. Its essence is that bars of any material are glued onto a rounded blank.

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