Are diapers harmful to boys?

What is the reason for the claim about the harm of disposable diapers? In fact, an experiment was conducted. Scored a group of male volunteers. Before the study, sperm activity was measured. Every day, one person from the group was immersed in water at a temperature of 45 ° C for half an hour. After 14 days, a decrease in sperm activity was observed. As a result of this experiment, a conclusion was drawn on the effect of heating on reproductive function.

What is the situation really like?

If we consider the temperature to which the scrotum in the diaper is heated, then it is 36 ° C. This is below critical. In addition, the testicles heat up even less. Some "clever men" warn about the "greenhouse effect." That is, excessive moisture is added to the elevated temperature, which has a negative effect on puberty. But this is contrary to the appointment of diapers, designed to absorb moisture. This indicates the absurdity of this statement. The myth of the curvature of the legs due to the use of disposable diapers does not hold water.If this statement is correct, it can be assumed that all children under 6 years old must be bowed. But this is not confirmed in practice.

What problems may occur when using diapers

In fact, some problems when wearing diapers still happen. One of them is the occurrence of dermatitis. Late replacement of diapers and excessive sweating in summer lead to irritation of the delicate skin of the baby. Redness, swelling and itching appear. Irritation with special ointments and powders is eliminated. It is best to reduce the time of wearing disposable diapers during this period. Often leave karapuza naked.
In young children, some diseases can manifest themselves, the presence of which is primarily indicated by a change in the frequency of urination. These can be congenital, chronic and acute diseases, the result of treatment of which depends on timely detection. When using disposable diapers is difficult to notice the regularity of urination. What signs should alert parents:
1. An increase in body temperature without additional external symptoms may be a sign of urinary tract infection.
2. Change in normal urine volume.
3Sudden short-term bouts of crying, which also pass quickly. You need to make sure that this is not caused by the process of urination.
Regular checkups at the pediatrician and the attentive attitude of parents to their child will save the baby from trouble. So do not give up diapers. The main thing is to change it in time and observe hygiene.

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