Argentina is an amazing country with an unusual culture (9 photos)

If you want to see a truly unique place of our planet, not spoiled by thousands of tourists and visitors, then be sure to go to Argentina - a place that will forever remain in your memory.

The second country in the territory and the third in the population of South America, which once bore the proud title of "one of the richest countries in the world", today is not going to slow down its pace of development.

In the old days, tens of thousands of Europeans, hoping to find happiness and prosperity in the lands of distant but beautiful Argentina, moved there from the farthest corners of the world. Today, shades of the French and Spanish past are peacefully coexisting here, which can be easily seen in culture, faith, and even the way of life of Argentines.

Great Argentina

To get to Argentina, you will have to move at least a 15-hour flight across the ocean, perhaps a few transfers and connections, which, at first glance, is too exhausting even for dedicated travel lovers.

Nevertheless, every year tourist demand in this direction is growing, although, of course, there are very few Russian tourists in Argentina, so they are perceived as a kind of exotic.

What is so attractive and attractive in this place that it makes not only visit yourself once, but return there again and again, in spite of the difficulties of the flight and impressive financial waste? The answer is simple: in Argentina there is almost everything that I would like to see with my own eyes!

Amazing nature

These are amazingly beautiful waterfalls, kilometer-long warm beaches, snow-white ski resorts and high mountain peaks, dense forests, the southernmost city of our planet, located on the famous Tierra del Fuego, glaciers of the Southern Hemisphere and the “silver” Lago-Argenito lakes.

And what about the motley kaleidoscope of cultures, which vividly reflected on the sights and architecture of the country, the dynamic and seething capital of Buenos Aires, which concentrated the main points of the country's history and glory in its domain, will not leave anyone indifferent.


Whatever you say, but even the most biased tourist has something to look at on holiday in Argentina,because all of the above is just a small list of common words that in no way describe the whole greatness of this place on planet Earth.

What you need to know the tourist who goes to Argentina?

  • We must not forget that this is a very large country, which means that it will be extremely difficult to visit all the sights in 2-3 days, so you need to think over your itinerary in advance, combining a list of the “most-most” places that you would like to see. In general, of course, you need to go here with the expectation that you will be able to stay here, because traveling around Argentina should be unhurried.
  • It is most convenient to travel around the country with the help of air traffic, which is very well developed here. It is also important to know that the railway transport here, although popular among the local population, is not very developed in certain parts of the country. In the tourist areas of Mesopotamia and Patagonia, which was kindly immortalized by Jules Verne in his famous novel, special tourist trains run.
  • Argentina, in addition to its own natural beauties, still has something to present to the world: for example, it is believed that it is here that the most delicious and natural wine is produced, which every tourist must try.Argentine wine is one of the items that bring the traveler home, also do not forget about local tequila, whiskey and brandy. The ideological opponents of alcohol, too, will find something to taste: a genuine mate in the calabash, which is traditionally sipped through a silver tubule. Do not forget to be treated to beef dishes, it has long been known that local chefs skillfully manage this type of meat, and be sure to try seafood on the ocean coast.
  • Be sure to go shopping, because, in addition to wine, you want something else to bring to the memory of this unique country. As an interesting and authentic souvenir, mate tea, as well as kits for its preparation, silver mouthpieces, knives, clothes from vicuna, as well as guitars, art objects and products from sheepskin will come down.

Major Attractions

What to see a newly arrived tourist in such an immense and amazing country? Start with Buenos Aires, where you can feel the spirit of the local people, feel free and for a while, forget about everything.


This is where you can get acquainted with real Argentine tango, and perhaps even dance it in La Boca, you can see for yourself how representatives of pre-Hispanic cultures live, taste the most delicious mate, admire numerous generals, and see dozens of unique architectural sights.

Be sure to visit the area of ​​La Boca with its unique streets, which have rightfully become one of the main attractions of Buenos Aires.

La boca

Go to the main street of the district, Caminito, here you will find everything that travelers love so much: locals sell souvenirs, artists paint right on the streets and exhibit their paintings for sale in an improvised street gallery, musicians play, dancers perform on the street, and many cozy restaurants and coffee shops are literally lured into the seductive aromas.

In the city itself, you should visit the famous 67-meter Obelisk, the Colon Theater, admire Casa Rosada, the residence of the President of Argentina, and also go to the Pedestrian Bridge of Women, which was opened in Buenos Aires relatively recently, in 2001, and here same became his attraction.


As for the resorts in Argentina, here they are sea and mountain skiing, only you can choose where to keep your way further. All the country's popular beaches are located in its northern part: Mar del Plata is perhaps one of the most ancient beaches in the country, Pinamir is fashionable and luxurious, Necocheva is an atmospheric coast 74 km long!

A lot of tourists

As for natural attractions, it’s very difficult to list them all, let's try to highlight the brightest: Iguaçu National Park, which, to a greater extent, is famous for its largest waterfall in the world, which was declared the Natural Heritage of Mankind.


One can not but note the national park Los Glaciares, which is famous for its majestic lakes, formed from the melting of glaciers.

It is impossible to say nothing about the region of Tierra del Fuego, which, by right, can be called the true end of the world. It is here that the southernmost town on the planet - Ushuaia. Going to Tierra del Fuego, be sure to visit the famous Cape Horn, where the watchman of seamen towers - the lighthouse of Horn.

Unique spectacle

The obligatory point of the program will be the icy lands of Snow Hill Island,where you can admire a pack of real king penguins! Do not forget to go to Patagonia, where you can see, and, if you wish, even visit the unique mountain peak of Fitzroy, which, by right, is considered one of the most difficult to climb in the world.

The entire list of sights in Argentina is difficult to list at one time, besides, it is not limited to the limit of the most popular places, it can be continued and developed much further! Do not miss the opportunity and be sure to go to the very end of the world, make your own list of Argentine uniqueness!

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