As dieticians from instagram spoil our health

If the nutritionist does not have a medical education, you should already think about whether to trust such a "professional." To help a person adjust weight, cure certain diseases and eliminate metabolic disorders, we need fundamental knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology and practice, moreover, several years long under the guidance of a more experienced colleague. If this is an "author's technique", "a unique system from a top blogger" or a diet with a star name, one should question its safety and effectiveness.

Why do we believe them?

Today, many have an account in instagram and follow the life of popular people. Willy-nilly, any of us compares himself in a mirror with shapely, well-tended beauties and thinks that "it would be nice to lose weight". And when insta divas start broadcasting to the whole insta world that they have lost weight with the help of detox, interval starvation, and various diets, this is encouraging.“They did it, and I can: why am I worse?” But it’s worth taking a critical look at the advice of such “nutritionists”, because self-medication and weight loss, and this substantial interference with natural metabolic processes, can end in tears. And it’s good if the weight just doesn’t go away or even if it increases, but if your health fails and you need hospital treatment and long rehabilitation?

As dieticians from instagram spoil our health

It is important to understand that most of these advisers are frankly disingenuous, presenting the work of professional stylists, photoshop masters and dietitians behind the scenes for their own achievements. The slimming industry, selling various supplements, pills and methods of losing weight “from the star” is a profitable business, and untwisted accounts bring their owners a lot of money at the expense of us, believing that she lost weight because she was hungry, she was eating the right food (the same hashtag PP) or refused meat.

Personal experience is not a panacea!

It is important to understand that the body's metabolism and characteristics of the set and weight loss, appetite and speed of fat deposition / burning are unique almost the same as fingerprints and DNA. They are encoded by thousands of genes.Therefore, what helped one girl, which is promoted in an instagram with a slender taut figure and a “unique PP method,” can harm Masha from Berdyansk or Olya from Moscow, who decide to follow the example. If we are talking about a professional nutritionist (and any other doctor), he will never give advice or develop a weight loss program in absentia, according to the person on the other side of the screen. It is necessary first of all to see a person, to appreciate the physique, the distribution of fat, to conduct a survey and exclude the painful causes of obesity. And if the fact is that “someone eats too much,” as stated in the Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon, then the nutrition is already analyzed, an individual (I emphasize, strictly individual) diet plan is being drawn up.

Do not believe the words "I went through all this myself, I know what I'm talking about, and share secrets with you." Such secrets should be left with you, if you do not want to realize that you can inflict frank harm on at least one person with your own words and advice. And usually there are tens and hundreds of them on popular pages.

As dieticians from instagram spoil our health

Dangerous Tips

It is good even when home-grown "nutritionists" from social networks simply share their experience - honestly and frankly, without imposing their opinions on others.But there are more aggressive representatives of the “slimming gurus.” They urge to get away from traditional medicine, go into meditation, go to the grass, treat herbs, smoking mixtures and discard any thermally processed foods. Such adherents can bring to reanimation, especially if girls who believe them and follow all the advice, have problems with hormonal background, kidney disease, liver or heart disease, anemia or hypovitaminosis. The loss of precious time, coupled with starvation, poor nutrition or the use of any berries, powders, herbs or pills can lead to anorexia, seizures, severe anemia and even oncology.

Doctors against instagram

It unites all instagram nutritionists: their systems (if the “gurus”, of course, did not steal them from a textbook on dietology, impudently posing as their own, unique) do not have scientific evidence, their safety is not confirmed by scientific data. In medicine, any methods first work out on animals and, if everything is well, only then on volunteers who are aware of responsibility and potential risk.But people go to him for money and deliberately, and pre-methods are already recognized as safe. And only then, after a comprehensive study of the safety of new methods of treatment, weight loss or healthy lifestyles, nutritional achievements are released to the masses.

And among insta dietitians, guilty girls and boys will be experimental mice. And after all, do not sue the counselors later on; go and prove that you were deliberately misled!

As dieticians from instagram spoil our health

The most cautious of these "gurus" broadcast in their recordings that they do not cure, but only "share experience", as if they are completely disclaiming all responsibility. And interest in yourself is encouraged by the urge to be lazy and repost, "otherwise I will be offended, and do not know the end of history."

And further! On the substitution of concepts and the game terms

We are captivated by novelty and “smart terms,” often simply taken out of context and used in a form completely different from their true meaning. But it sounds really cool! If ordinary muffins under the guise of muffins and cupcakes are sold at prices that exceed reasonable tenfold, what about banal starvation, if it is exalted as an anti-age-detox? Agree, cool and solid sounds? And the fact that this is a banal old Russian system “Crop year — sit on bread and water” doesn’t bother anyone?

Many insta dieticians play on this. Picking up on the top, driving a couple of articles from the English-language sites on nutritsiologii and crookedly translating them, they operate them in communication. “Terrible bad cholesterol”, “detox program”, “fresh juices”, “slags and toxins”, “atherosclerosis”, “ischemia”, “hypoxia”, “toxicosis”, “intermittent-fasting” ... Agree, post, saturated with such terms, will look clever, medically, although professional medics will understand that this post is about nothing. A weight loss on berries goji, you see, sounds cooler than on the currant, although the essence is the same: fiber and fruit acids stimulate peristalsis.

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