How do etiquette wear rings correctly?

The usual ring, which today women and men wear with pleasure, is a rich and old story. There are a lot of beliefs and rules of etiquette, according to which the rings should be worn on a certain finger. Few people remember where the origins of the formation of views on the order and principle of wearing rings come from, but the established traditions should be followed.

Several etiquette rules to follow

There is no woman in the world who would not like jewelry. What better emphasize the tenderness and purity of the skin of the hands, as not perfectly chosen ring. In the Middle Ages, women, to show status and wealth, wore rings on all the fingers of the right and left hands. But by the 21st century, there were other ideas about which finger should have a ring and what hand jewelry to choose for each life situation.

Betrothal and wedding

In Europe, it is customary to wear a wedding and engagement ring on the ring finger of the right hand. In Russia, these rings are put on the finger of the right hand.A ring is worn on the left hand only if the woman is divorced or widowed. At their own wedding on the bride's hands there should not be other rings, only engagement.

How do etiquette wear rings correctly?

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Secular event in the afternoon

To this case it is better to prepare a jewelry ring with a small stone. The color of the stone should be neutral.

To work in the office

Daily work environment in the office involves concentration and action. Nothing should distract the attention of a business woman and the collective from the process of work. Therefore, it is necessary to confine oneself to the wedding ring.

Going to the theater

Outings in the light or theater, which take place in the evening and at night, dictate their laws. Rings with diamonds or other precious stones can be worn at these events. It is desirable to choose a nail polish in tone to the color of the stone in the ring.

It is considered unacceptable if women’s rings are worn with rings made of different metals.

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Even worse are rings with discolored stones, even if they are worn on different hands.

Ring on the little finger or thumb - why?

Traditionally, rings put on the ring, middle, less often - the index finger. But there are people who wear rings on their little fingers or thumbs. What does etiquette say about this?

  1. Indicator masculinity.If someone put a ring on his thumb, then he knows that wearing it is so uncomfortable. But in Ancient Rome, this finger symbolized male dignity, and it was customary for men to decorate these fingers with massive rings. The richer the ring, the more courageous was its owner. Today, the ringed thumb of the hand characterizes the person as an extremely self-confident and expansive nature. Etiquette allows you to put on rings for men.
  1. Artistic nature.A thin ring on the little finger characterizes a person as a flirtatious, windy and unstable nature. So you can wear rings only to people associated with the world of art or very young girls.
How do etiquette wear rings correctly?

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And a few more tips for those who do not want to look ridiculous in society:

  • to put on beautiful rings, the skin of the hands and nails must be in perfect condition;
  • it is desirable that the thickness of the ring matches the thickness of the bracelet and other jewelry included in the kit;
  • it is better not to put the rings on the beach, in the solarium, in the gym and swimming pool;
  • The style of the ring should match the style of the wearer's clothing.

Twenty years ago, diamond rings were allowed only to women who crossed the thirty-year threshold. Today, there are no age limits for wearing this kind of jewelry.

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