Tasha Igoshina

- astrologer, expert of the program "Other World"

Tasha has over 7 years of practice, training at the Moscow Academy of Astrology, 3 higher educations, participation in conferences with scientific research in the field of astrology.

"If you...

- you want to understand the reasons for this or that event that happened in your life;

- understand yourself, know your potential, your true purpose;

- looking for a hint in solving specific problems;

- can not make a decision;

- are depressed and do not see a way out,

You can ask your question to an astrologer, and specifically to me, Tash Igoshina.

Speaking more simply, I divide the problems that usually come to me into 2 groups: psychological (how to behave, develop, how to cope with depression, etc.) and prognostic (what expects you?).

Attention! In order to ask me a question, you must specify the date, time and city of your birth or the person you are asking about. It is also very desirable to indicate the approximate date and time when you have a desire to ask a question, and, of course, to tell you more about the problem. "

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Hello, very tired to be alone, I want to get married, can I meet my soul mate this year. Inna (11.11.1988g.)


05/26/1987 city administration


Hello! We parted half a year ago. Anatoly wore one and a half on his hands. They lived together. Both were divorced for a long time and suddenly said, “The soul does not lie.” and there were plans for life and for me. 48. 50. Not children. Until now, I love and miss.

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