Asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetric bangs became fashionable many years ago, and it does not plan to leave it yet. She helps to experiment with the image using various styles. You can change in the mood, not tied to one image. In addition, this form corrects the face, especially the features. Under all the styling and haircuts, you can pick up beautiful bangs, refusing direct lines.

Universal asymmetry

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. Each person does it in his own way: one buys a car of bright color, the other - jeans, the third one conducts experiments on appearance. A great way to express yourself is the universal asymmetry of the bangs. This is a non-standard, but effective method of changing the style.

Asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetrical bangs are perfect for the face in the shape of an oval. If the cheeks are too noticeable on it, the bangs are made as high as possible near the roots of the hair. If the face is distinguished by its oval-shaped severity, the cheekbones are clearly visible, and the cheeks are somewhat sunken, then low asymmetry will be the right choice.

The asymmetry of the bangs helps to change the appearance every day without the use of radical methods.

This kind of bangs is also called the universal brand, because it can be any length - often above the eyebrows, but sometimes below the line, very rarely - to the chin itself. It is considered universal because it looks with any hairstyle: four of a kind, when cutting “pixie” or “bob”, on long hair.

Trendy Asymmetry Options

Among the fashionable asymmetry options there is a wide choice. These include bangs of medium length, shortened, layered, and also elongated. She happens to be parted and without. Often, asymmetrical bangs are used for asymmetrical haircuts.

The versatility of this model helps to model the hair in different ways, to make interesting styling. The multi-layered version will emphasize the dynamics of the image and the type of styling. Hollywood stars are not indifferent to this trend.

Asymmetric model is suitable for even hair, but with the right choice of haircut looks curly curls.

Smooth diagonal bangs

Diagonal smooth bangs with a clear contour from the temple to the other side of the face - a brave choice of those who want to feel the full power of asymmetry.This model looks great on dark smooth curls in one shade. Looks better on thick hair. They are given a shine, and fix the forelock in a single position.

The chub, which descends diagonally, has a sharp end, it becomes an excellent solution for a square with asymmetry with an elevated back. But this is not the only haircut that fits.

Asymmetrical bangs

When choosing a straight bangs diagonally, try to choose the laying with a smooth flat line at the top, do not cut out the top of the head, making it torn ends. This style requires smooth lines, otherwise the decline on the diagonal does not look impressive.

There are many varieties of asymmetric bangs: short, elongated, profiled, etc. Each will find a suitable option.

A suitable option for styling is a haircut with a small cascade on the middle curls. Near the face from the chin and below the hair curled inside, but without diligence.

Milled diagonal bangs

Milled diagonal bang gives styling mobility and ease. This model is considered the most popular for all types of face shape and hair.With too thick tresses, which are difficult to style, the bangs are thinned out. If the curls are thin, then this bang needs a little processing to give the volume.

Ragged bangs descending diagonally are worn with long and short locks; with straight, intact thinning scissors; with a puff hair. A serious moment for such bangs is the right choice of color. If the hair is thinned, then you should not choose the monotony, try highlighting. Asymmetry of the bangs with filirovka without zeal and multi-colored strands gives the image of dynamism and liveliness.

This bang is perfect for chubby girls. They still go straight laying, cascades. So bangs distract from the round forms and gives the image of freshness.

Short bangs

A short fringe with asymmetry is a forelock, whose main part is on the forehead, it does not go too low. This model is considered universal for many forms of face and styling.

Short bangs, slightly profiled and with a slant on the diagonal, will suit girls with shortened curls due to the popularity of punk style. A similar model will fit into the image of a bean-car with hair up to the chin.If even bangs in this situation are suitable for narrow-faced, then a short asymmetry will visually lengthen the oval. This is the true salvation for the broad-faced girls.

Asymmetrical bangs

It is impossible to cut short asymmetry in two versions: with curly hair that is difficult to pull out; with excessive oily hair. In these cases, the bangs look careless, quickly salted, or lose their presentation.

Free long bangs

Long loose bangs with asymmetry is considered the simplest in care, it does not require a special approach. This model is easy to apply with feminine romantic styling. This is the simplest choice for girls who want to refresh the image, but without resorting to radical measures.

Asymmetrical elongated bangs fit the long car, cascade. It is important to carefully study the color, tone transitions. If desired, such bangs are worn with straight shortened or asymmetry that hides the forehead. So the hair looks puffy and unusual.

Asymmetric bang laying

For laying asymmetric bangs, there are different methods:

  • it is cleaved on its side;
  • they cut off from behind;
  • make a curl in retro style;
  • create a thick fleece;
  • weave a pigtail out of it, firing forward.

Variants of laying asymmetric bangs can come up with a lot. The main thing is that it is in harmony with the general image.

The eccentricity of asymmetry helps to rejuvenate the face, to hide the flaws. The bang will attract the attention of others, emphasize the girl's features, creativity and riddle.

Asymmetric bangs are amenable to various experiments, it is important to remember only about the completeness of the composition of the overall image.

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