Avril Lavigne meets the son of an American billionaire

It seems that Avril Lavigne decided to take a cue from Rihanna. After two unsuccessful marriages - with Sum 41 vocalist Deryck Webley and with lead singer Nickelback Chad Krueger - the singer stopped paying attention to nervous creative men, switching to more convincing options. Her current elect is the son of American billionaire Fayez Sarofim named Philip, and this novel, as reported by portal E! Online, lasts for several months.

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What do we know about Philip? He is two years younger than Lavin - he is 31, he has numerous brothers and sisters, one of them is Alison - the muse of designer Giambattista Valli, actress and producer. He is half Egyptian and half American, and he too was married. Philip's ex-wife was named Laura Cron. Their marriage lasted only a few years, but during this time the father of Philip Fayez managed to fall in love with the mother of his daughter-in-law - Susan, so much that eventually married her. Here is such a curious twist!

With Avril Philip met at a dinner, which was arranged by their mutual friends, and, as sources say, the Canadian singer immediately struck him outright. Together, the couple does not live yet, and in general the relationship is not in a hurry to advertise, but on the hand of Philip and Avril they already have the same tattoos in the form of hearts pierced by an arrow. We are ready to bet that this eternal rebel Lavigne brought something new to Sarofim's life!

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