Bed linen - the key to a good sleep

In our bed, we spend an average of a third of our life, so the choice of linen should be given special attention. A sheet, a pillowcase and a duvet cover should give pleasure, and do not force us to toss and to itch. How to make a choice? What to look for when buying bedding?

Luxury classics

What is linen made from?

The first important point of choice is the material from which the bed linen is made. There are a lot of options, we list them:

  • Flax is a great natural material. It has antiseptic properties, passes air and promotes evaporation of moisture. But here it will not be easy to take care of such clothes, because it is heavily wrinkled and very hard to iron.
  • The flannel underwear is soft, pleasant to the touch and warm. But enough 2-3 washings to make the kit lose its original appearance, so it's very impractical.
  • Silk is not the most convenient and practical material. He is slippery, will bully, stray. In addition, the artificial fabric will bring a lot of additional inconvenience.A set of natural silk will be very expensive.
  • The header is a unique option for those who do not know how or just do not like to iron. Such bedding initially looks as if compressed. It is quite original and at the same time very convenient.
  • Bamboo fabric natural at 100%. Such underwear will provide an ideal microclimate, as it eliminates unpleasant odors, evaporates moisture and perfectly passes air. In addition, accessories are nice to the touch, and care for them is not so difficult.
  • Sateen is the cotton material made in a special way. The result is a beautiful silky thin fabric. But it is quite durable and durable. Moisture will evaporate, the air passes perfectly. But the prices for such kits cannot be called low.
  • Baptiste - flowing and light fabric. So-called “holiday sets” are usually sewn from it. The fact is that after a dozen washes, the material becomes thinner and then begins to wear out quickly.
  • A chintz is cheap, but not at all durable.
  • Calico is a durable and wear-resistant fabric that retains its original characteristics even after several dozen washes. And such a kit will be inexpensive.
  • Cotton underwear is a great value for money.
  • Blended fabrics of several materials or with the addition of synthetic fabrics (polyester and the like) are also possible.

The size

Add bright notes

Here are the main types of linen, depending on its size:

  • One-half set. Possible sizes of a blanket cover 150x210, 150x215, 145x210, 160x215. Sheets can have the following sizes: 150x215, 160x210, 160x220 or 180x260 cm. Pillowcases can be like this: 70x70, 50x70, 60x60.
  • Baby clothes are almost the same size as the half-sleeping, the difference is insignificant.
  • There is also lingerie for newborns and very young children. The size of the duvet cover will be 115x147 cm, the sheet has dimensions 120x150. The size of the pillowcase is 40x60.
  • Double normal linen includes two pillowcases (or 4), a sheet and a duvet cover. The dimensions of the sheet are 175x210, 175x215, 215x240, 210 × 230, 220x215, 220x240 or 240x260 cm. Possible sizes of the duvet cover: 175x215, 180x210, 180x215, 200x220 cm or 175x210. The pillowcase will have the same dimensions as in the one and half-sportive set.
  • Double underwear "Euro". It is a little more than the usual double, the equipment is the same. The duvet cover can have the following dimensions: 200x220, 212x225, 220x240 centimeters.The sheet can be: 215x240, 220x250, 240 × 260, 220x270 or 240x280 centimeters. And there are two options for pillowcases: 50x70 or 70x70.
  • There is also a family lingerie, which includes two not very large duvet covers, one sheet and two or four pillow cases. The sizes of a blanket cover correspond to its sizes in one and a half-sleeping set. The sheet can be 240x280 or 240x260 centimeters. Pillowcases have the following dimensions: 70x70 or 50x70.


Coloring should not unnerve you

To choose a linen color, you need to know some features:

  • White color represents peace and purity, it is a classic version.
  • Blue linen has a calming effect, positively affects the nervous system and can even provide pleasant dreams.
  • Black - the color of deep feelings and incredible emotions. If you like this underwear, then you can enjoy special sensations.
  • Red is the color of energy and passion. A great option for a purposeful person or for a couple in love. But some such shade can be annoying.
  • Green will help you to relax, find harmony and understand what you want. Great choice!
  • If you are close to depression, buy a set of bed linen bright and warm orange. He will cheer up and relieve from despondency.
  • Purple and lilac are the colors of creativity and fantasy. Want to see unreal dreams? Purchase such a kit.
  • Deep blue - the color of elegance and nobility. You can get rid of fears and streamline your thoughts.
  • Brown underwear will provide stability, comfort, confidence, reliability and strengthen vitality.
  • Pink color will help to dream and plunge into serenity.
  • Yellow gives vigor and insight.

It is better to abandon the too colorful and bright pictures, they will interfere with sleep. But nice original patterns are quite appropriate and welcome. Avoid too bright "acid" shades, they irritatively affect the nervous system. You can safely choose pastel shades, for example, beige, peach.


You should like it

If you want to know how to choose a good bed linen, be sure to pay attention to the label. It should indicate how to wash clothes, how to care for them. Be sure to include the composition of the fabric and the name of the manufacturer (as well as the address and contacts). Pay attention to the indication of the dimensions of the kit and its scheme.

Other important points

To determine the quality of the kit, pay attention to the following details:

  1. Smell. The laundry should smell like laundry, not paint or chemicals. So feel free to sniff the material. Acrid and clear smell should alert you.
  2. Inspect the fabric. It should be uniform, with no gaps or denser areas. There can be no delay.
  3. Pay attention to the seams. In the laundry they are special, underwear, without bulges (after all, they can rub). Everything must be done qualitatively.
  4. Rate threads. They must be durable. Sticking and can not get out nothing.
  5. Swipe your finger over the fabric. If the skin remains traces of paint, then imagine what will happen to your body when you spend the night on such clothes.
  6. The price may be different, but remember that you need to pay for quality, so a good kit cannot be bought for 100-200 rubles.

If you want to make your sleep strong and healthy, choose high-quality and proper underwear. The recommendations here will certainly help you.

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