Bike or Rollers: Pros and Cons

Bike or Rollers: Pros and ConsIf you believe the scientists, then the most "fat burning" sports are cycling and rollerblading. It is difficult to determine which of them is more efficient, but for people who want to lose weight as much as possible, it is aerobic and marathon workouts that are more suitable, which primarily include rollers and a bicycle.

Bicycle riding

It is the bike that becomes an excellent alternative to running and has a number of advantages in front of it: the load on the joints and bones is significantly reduced, but at the same time it effectively trains important muscles of the body and actively burns hated calories.

In winter, cycling can be replaced by exercising on a stationary bike, which also allows you to control the pulse and pressure, counts calories and has other parameters. Winding kilometers in the gym, you can simultaneously solve matters over the phone, relax and relax, with excessive fatigue, which is not always possible while riding outdoors.

Many people choose a bike for weight loss, not only to lose weight, but also great fun in the fresh air.

Whatever is chosen for training, bike or exercise bike, it is important to know the following rules:

  • on the saddle you need to get tight, slightly tilt the torso forward and shift the body weight part of the hands;
  • the height of the saddle should be set so that lowering the pedal to the bottom point, you could completely straighten the leg, but at the same time, do not saddle in the saddle from side to side, trying to reach the pedal too far down;
  • while moving, the feet and ankles make cyclically repetitive movements in a circle under the center of gravity or slightly ahead;
  • breathing should be arbitrary, rhythmic, multiple and synchronized with the work of the feet;
  • both legs must work with equal effort;
  • head, back and arms do not take part in the movement, but remain motionless.

The back during movement should be straight, and shoulders relaxed. The most common mistakes when riding a bicycle are stoop, in which the normal breathing process goes beyond the norm, as well as ignoring the norms for setting the correct seat height.

Therapeutic effect of cycling

During classes, the cardiovascular system and overall endurance are well trained.Riding a bicycle or exercise bike is an excellent tool for the initial stage of hypertensive ailments and angina. Regular cycling workouts do a great job with insomnia (but it’s important that classes end one and a half hours before bedtime).

Roller skating

Riding on roller skates is not only entertainment, but a great way to train different muscle groups, the vestibular apparatus, and of course, many people choose rollers for weight loss, because this is useful and fun.

Based on statistical data, we can say that by riding a third hour on rollers, you can burn up to one hundred and fifty calories.

In order for roller skating to be effective in burning fat, you need to follow the following procedure:

1. Start riding at low speed for no more than 5 minutes - to warm up the muscles. Then increase the speed and drive for 20 minutes, during which time the heart rate should increase. The next 5 minutes to reduce the intensity of skating and complete training. The following training is carried out in the same mode.
2. The third day of training begins with a warm-up, and then continue skiing at a moderate pace for half an hour. Finishes training five minutes of slow skiing.
3The fifth day of training begins and ends as described above, but the main time of class increases to 40 minutes of skiing, alternating a fast and moderate pace.

In addition to burning calories during workouts, both the bike and roller skates bring a lot of pleasure and actively saturate the body with oxygen.

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