Boats - Chic Shoes for Real Ladies

A woman does not have a lot of shoes, so another pair will not be superfluous. And what can you buy a beautiful girl? Of course, not out of fashion elegant shoes-boats. But how to choose them and what to wear?

A bit of history

Today such shoes are in the wardrobe of almost every fashionista. And no one thinks about what the story of their appearance. And there were such shoes, oddly enough, from men's shoes.


These were the simplest shoes without heels and zippers, which were worn by court courtiers back in the 15th century. Then such shoes were called "pomps". Today they are almost the same, but a slightly modified name, they are called "pumps".

Then a small heel was added to the shoes, which was constantly breaking down, which was why a metal rod was placed in it (this technology has been used to this day).

Around the middle of the XIX century, these shoes became mandatory for Englishwomen who worked in court or attended this establishment.By the way, in some countries the phrase “court shoes” is still used in relation to these shoes, which is translated as “court shoes”. Then the main material for the manufacture were fabrics.


Then, in the last XX century, leather became popular, and this directly affected fashion, and shoes became leather. Their forms also changed. The fashion designer Roger Vivier, known at the time, added a hairpin and lengthened his nose, and still later Salvatore Ferragamo raised the heel to literally transcendental heights, resulting in a height of 10 centimeters. Such shoes, by the way, were worn by the famous Marelin Monroe.

In the 60s of the last century, designers made the heel thicker and more stable, and even later, the famous Coco Chanel introduced fashion to noses that were darker in color than the rest of the shoe. To this day, such shoes remain in demand and very popular among women.


How to choose?

How to choose shoes-boats? What should I look for when choosing?

  • First of all, pay attention to the materials from which the shoes are made. The best option is genuine leather or suede. Such shoes, firstly, “breathe” and are comfortable for the legs, and secondly, they will last a long time. But you can also choose shoes made of cloth, but it must be of high quality and dense.
  • Heel height is extremely important.It all depends on you. If a high hairpin scares you, then give it up, because there is nothing more ridiculous than a girl in chic shoes that can not move on such high heels. Try to wear shoes with a steady heel, in which the center of gravity is distributed more evenly. Reduce the height of the heel, from this you will not look less attractive.
  • Pay attention to the nose shoes. The classic ones have a pointed and oblong nose, and this model will be ideally combined with strict and official dresses or evening gorgeous dresses. In such shoes your legs will appear longer and slender. But a rounded nose is more romantic and casual. By the way, this option is convenient, since this form is similar to the shape of the fingers, so they will not be squeezed.
  • If you want to reduce the volume of the legs, then use a simple technique: the deeper the cutout of shoes, the more slender your legs will seem. But do not overdo it, otherwise in the shoes you simply can not walk.
  • Do you want to look a little taller? Choose high-heeled shoes.But remember that lifting the foot too sharply is extremely uncomfortable and harmful. But in this case, you can save a small platform, which will make the transition from nose to heel smoother.
  • Do not forget about fitting. In the store, be sure to wear both shoes, shoes, walk, enjoy the convenience. If you are uncomfortable, refuse to purchase. Stand in the shoes. If at the same time you are forced to lean forward or can not keep balance, then you are unlikely to be comfortable in such shoes.

What to combine?

Beige color

What can you wear shoes with? There are many options:

  1. Classic black leather shoes from leather with not too high heels will be perfectly combined with the office suit suit, that is, with straight or slightly narrowed trousers and with a fitted jacket. Do not forget to choose a strict blouse.
  2. Black shoes with high heels will create a beautiful tandem with a gorgeous evening dress. If the dress is black, then you will be the real queen of the ball or a mystery girl. But so that the image does not seem too gloomy, dilute it with bright accessories. By the way, a special dress will give a long dress to the floor with a flowing hem.
  3. Choosing colored shoes, you can follow several paths. Try to combine them with a dress to match, in some cases it looks very harmonious. But you can choose one of the win-win color combinations, such as yellow-blue, red-black, beige-brown and some others. And if you want to break stereotypes, then play on the contrast and try to combine the incongruous, in some cases such attempts become new fashion trends.
  4. Red pumps are not at all vulgar, but incredibly sexy. You can combine them, for example, with white or black skinny and cropped trousers or with a blue dress or skirt. You can also wear a white or beige suit (but not too strict).
  5. Many shoes are worn with jeans. The best option is sexy skinny jeans. But other styles are also available. So, some wear straight jeans or boyfriends jeans with classic stilettos. It is very bold and creative.
  6. Round toe shoes can be combined with short shorts or a skirt, this is a great youth option.
  7. Beige shoes will create a beautiful tandem with a light white dress or white trousers.
  8. Shoes of almost any style are perfectly combined with short tapered trousers.
  9. With shoes with rounded noses, skirts or dresses in the style of new look with flared hem look great. By the way, the length can be almost any.
  10. If you plan to wear a cocktail dress, then stop your choice on romantic pumps with round noses on a steady heel.
  11. Can not decide on the outer clothing? Classic shoes with a narrow nose is better to combine with a coat or with a fitted jacket, it will look elegant and feminine. But the boat with a rounded nose can be worn with a leather jacket or cardigan, it is stylish and comfortable.
  12. This shoe itself is feminine and elegant, and if you include a pencil skirt to the knee or a little higher, then you will definitely be the object of male attention, because such a tandem looks incredibly sexy.

What can not be combined?

Beautiful girl

You have already managed to make sure that shoes can be combined with many different things. But the only thing with which it is absolutely impossible to wear such shoes is sportswear.

Summer image

This combination will be similar to such absurd tandems as classic men's pants and sneakers or classic shoes and sports leotards.In general, funny, tasteless and stupid.

Be sure to purchase pumps if you don’t have them yet! Combine them with clothes intelligently to be an icon of style.

Low heel




It is stylish

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