Bronco fun lamp

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One can only dream of such an amusing pet! He does not go to the toilet, does not spoil the sofa, does not shed, does not sleep for twelve hours a day. He is always by your side and illuminates your path.

I always liked unusual sources of light - a night lamp in the form of a cloud. Very interesting lamp made of wood - The original sitting lamp. for fans of fur fit - Creative chandelier in a fur coat. Well, of course, we can not ignore the most popular on the resource - Insidious chandelier made of paper {with own hands}

What about making a similar lamp! The main frame is made of steel wire, which can be bought at any hardware store and make any shape of a dog, a cat or evenelephant. We go above. We can make the ceiling instead of the head out of plain paper or in the same store pick up a similarceiling light, but it is important that it does not outweigh the frame, in this case the dog will stand on the head, but maybe you like it :)

If you want to make itdo it yourself- leave comments, we will help you!

 Amusing Bronco Lamp

Amusing Lamp Bronco

Amusing Lamp Bronco

Amusing Lamp Bronco

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