Budget ideas for home transformation

Instead of buying everything in the furniture and building materials store, the most expensive, pay attention to non-standard materials and decor techniques. Many secrets are perfect for the decor of a rented apartment, in the repair of which you do not want to invest your own funds.

Repair furniture with adhesive film. Do not be afraid of bright colors - so the furniture will become even more interesting.

Apply the decor on the stairs. Thus, the structural element of the building will turn into a real subject of decor. You can use film, wallpaper or ceramic tile for decoration.

Use textiles of bright colors, it will distract attention from lacks of furniture and old repair.

An interesting technique that gives an extra height to a low ceiling is imitation of beams. You can use a real tree or special modules that imitate it.

Use as a decor mirror. You can buy a damaged mirror in the store at very nice prices.

Restore the old tile with special stickers. They can be purchased on the Internet or ordered in the workshop that manufactures film with printing.

Use the photo as a decoration. And do not necessarily insert them into the classic frames.

Use natural materials to make furniture. Even a few dry curtains can be an excellent designer table.

Play against the contrast of dark and light. So even the most modest furniture will look very elegant.

Pay special attention to home textiles. Bright rugs, curtains and pillows will help to easily transform even the most boring room.

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