Fresh soup is a recipe for a special dish of Russian cuisine: perhaps no other has found such reflection in proverbs, sayings and literary works. The appearance of cabbage is associated with the appearance of cabbage in Russia. Starting from the 9th century, the soup became firmly established in the diet of all segments of the population as a satisfying and very tasty dish. At the same time, soup is often used in the diet and in the children's menu. Especially useful recipes for cabbage soup with sauerkraut in the winter - as one of the most accessible sources of vitamin C. Since ancient times, the recipe for fresh cabbage soup has not undergone any changes. In the traditional version, all the ingredients were placed in a special clay pot. What is very important: the ingredients are not subjected to any kind of preliminary heat treatment. The soup was cooked in the oven, and thanks to a special temperature regime, it acquired its own unique taste. A special recipe for cooking at the so-called daily soup: a pot with soup was wrapped for several hours after the oven, and then the dish was taken out for a day in the cold. A recipe for soup includes a mandatory set of ingredients: pickledor fresh cabbage (sometimes it is replaced with other suitable greens such as nettle or sorrel), meat or mushrooms, carrots, onions, spices. Interestingly, in the traditional soup recipe, there was also a flour dressing that makes the soup thicker. Subsequently, it was no longer used, which is attributed to the influence of French cuisine. Recipes for soup, cooked using meat or fish broth, called rich or skoromnymi. If there is only vegetables and mushrooms in the soup, then these are empty soup. The latter prepared the poorer sections of the population, as well as during fasting. Now it is one of the most popular dishes of vegetarian cuisine. So if you asked the question "How to cook soup?", First of all you need to decide on their variety. Will they be in meat or vegetable broth? Will you add fresh or sauerkraut? It should be borne in mind that on the second day the soup becomes even tastier, so that it is better to cook them with a stock. The soup also tolerates freezing: after defrosting, the taste of the dish does not deteriorate. And this is a real find for practical housewives. Step-by-step recipes of soup with photos offer different ways of cooking this dish.The main secret of delicious soup - you should not spare the meat. For this soup, beef is usually used, the meat is usually boiled in a whole piece. And only then finely chopped. Often, it is also advised to combine sauerkraut and fresh cabbage in soup. If sauerkraut is too sour, it is recommended to wash it beforehand. For the savory taste in the soup, you can add sour apples, a little tomato paste or tomatoes. Before you turn off the fire, throw a pinch of sugar in the soup. Each housewife acquires with experience and carefully keeps her secrets of cooking delicious soup. If you have never cooked this wonderful, nourishing and useful - it's time to try. Moreover, the network can find a lot of inspiring and mouth-watering photos. And your family and friends will surely appreciate the result of your creativity.

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