Baked peppers for the winter

Baked peppers for the winter

So it's time for winter blanks. Someone considers this occupation a waste of time and effort, while others are the opposite of the season. But if you are reading this recipe, then you really need help. I personally love to harvest for the winter
Marinated Watermelon

Marinated Watermelon

In winter, I really want to have a drop of summer. Preparations for the winter will help us in this! Try a pickled watermelon - it's easy to cook and very tasty! An interesting recipe for making an unusual delicacy that you will definitely like.
Quick marinated champignons for 1 day

Quick marinated champignons for 1 day

Marinated champignons are not rare guests on our table. As a rule, they are served as a supplement to the main dishes of poultry or meat. Often, pickled mushrooms are used to prepare various snacks, sandwiches and toppings. Best
Marinated champignons

Marinated champignons

Marinated champignons are the perfect snack for a festive table. Marinating champignons at home will not be difficult.
Sun-dried tomatoes for the winter

Sun-dried tomatoes for the winter

This recipe has become known to us relatively recently. He comes from Italian cuisine. There, the fruits are harvested in this way for further use in the preparation of pizza, pasta and other special dishes of local chefs. After trying, you
Canned cucumbers

Cucumber Canning

The canning season has come. Already made a lot of canned fruits and berries. And finally, ripe cucumbers! The most popular type of canning is the “pickled cucumber” method. So cucumbers remain whole and can be used as
Harvesting for the winter - Green Peas

Winter Harvest - Green Peas

The summer has come, and the time has come for winter preparations. Among the most sought-after canned foods in winter is green peas, without which many everyday and festive dishes are not complete. For the conservation of green peas at home
Poultry meat in brine (for long-term storage)
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Poultry meat in brine (for long term storage)

A lot of poultry growing in the backyards of residents of the private sector, requires processing after slaughter. Not everything fits in the freezers, part of it has to be stored in banks. The meat pieces are sent to the stew, and the bones are rolled into balloons.
Master class canned cucumbers with tomatoes

Master-class canned cucumber with tomatoes

In the cucumber season, many are engaged in conservation, and each housewife has its own peculiarities of pickling cucumbers. I would like to propose another version of canned cucumbers with tomatoes. Vegetables salted in this way are always successful, and
Jam from pine cones

Pine cone jam

Pine - a beautiful and very useful tree. It cleans the air and fills it with an enchanting scent. Everything that grows on this tree is a panacea for many diseases. Needles, in addition to essential oils, contains various vitamins. It has a big
We roll birch sap

Rolling birch sap

Unfortunately, the season of birch sap is short. And so you want this tasty and healthy drink to delight us for a long time, and even better - all year round.In this case, canning will help us. Rolling birch sap on
Adjika home

Adjika home

Ingredients: tomatoes - 5 kg, sweet sweet pepper - 0,5 kg, carrots - 0,5 kg, onions - 0,5 kg, sour apples - 0,5 kg, spicy pepper - 2 pieces, garlic - 200 g., Salt - 1 glass without top, vegetable oil - 0.5 cups, sugar - 1 glass.

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