Castle - cute wedding accessory

There are many wedding traditions, and one of them is to hang the castle. It has become an essential attribute of the wedding, so be sure to prepare such an accessory and decorate it properly.

Why hang a wedding lock?

The tradition to hang wedding locks appeared relatively recently, namely at the end of the last century. In the 90s, a novel by Italian writer Federico Mochia, entitled “Three meters above the sky”, came out. In it, the main characters vowed to each other in love with the help of the castle, which was closed on the bridge. After reading the book, many decided to repeat the sweet and romantic ritual, and later it began to spread throughout the world.

The castle symbolizes eternal love, an oath of allegiance, a promise not to open your heart to anyone. And the best thing is to hang such an accessory on the bridge over the river, throwing the key into the water. The bridge is associated with the connection of two loving souls, and the key that was thrown out means that now no one can open the hearts of lovers and get into them.

What can be?

What should be the wedding castle? Virtually by anyone, but not too heavy, massive and rude, because its purpose is not to lock the door, but a tribute to traditions and symbolism. The size can be average, as a small accessory is difficult to decorate, and a massive one will look ridiculous.

The forms are also diverse, but it is better to dwell on models without fast corners and rough lines that personify problems in family life. Pick up a round lock or heart-shaped, designed specifically for the wedding ritual.

Design Ideas

How to decorate a wedding castle? There are a lot of design options, so we suggest to consider different ideas:

  1. Staining. You can take the usual paint, a small brush and just paint the lock so that it becomes more vivid. But the monochrome design can look trite and boring, so add it using various inscriptions. Usually on such accessories put the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, oaths of love or other phrases and words that have a special meaning for lovers. But remember that you should begin to write only after the complete drying of the base layer of paint.
  2. Painted with acrylic paints. If you have artistic abilities or just like to draw, then arm yourself with a brush and paints and start creating. At such a wedding attribute, you can depict hearts, swans, pigeons, silhouettes of the newlyweds and other drawings related to the subject of marriage. And if the wedding takes place in a particular style, then use the patterns peculiar to it. So, the Russian direction will fit the painting under gzhel or Khokhloma, in Provencal - images of lavender and other wildflowers, in Japanese - blooming sakura and hieroglyphics.
  3. Engraving with names. Such a castle will remain literally for centuries and will remind you of the feelings and day of the wedding. Names can be supplemented with a date of celebration, images of hearts, rings or swans, as well as any phrases about love.
  4. Volume patterns and applications. Using polymer clay, you can create stunning three-dimensional decorative elements, such as flowers, birds, hearts, rings, and so on. Working with this material is easy, and you can fix the finished parts using a universal glue or glue gun.
  5. Paperwork.If you have ordinary wrapping paper or even wallpaper, use these materials. Cut the blanks first, then glue them onto the lock with resistant glue. But, unfortunately, such a decor is unlikely to be durable, as under the influence of moisture the paper will surely soften, and this is inevitable.
  6. Covering with cloth. You can simply glue it, pre-cut the workpiece. But you can sew a bag for the lock.
  7. Try to cut hearts or other shapes out of thick fabric. Stick them on the lock.
  8. Try using the decoupage technique, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. For registration you will need a brush, acrylic paint, postcard or napkin with a beautiful image, PVA glue (or a special decoupage) and acrylic varnish. First, paint the castle completely. It is advisable to make two layers so that the coating is more uniform and durable. Then cut out the image from the postcard or napkin, soak it completely with glue so that it becomes soft, and then immediately attach it to the lock and smooth it well. After the glue dries, coat the accessory with varnish.
  9. Tapes. Of these, you can make romantic bows.
  10. Rhinestones, beads, beads, stones, sequins, shells, glitter and so on. Such elements are fixed with glue.

Remember that self-made lock should become an essential attribute of the wedding ceremony, so make sure that it is combined with other accessories such as bridal bouquet, glasses, chest, ring cushion. It is desirable to withstand all of them in the same style, choosing similar materials, identical colors and identical decorative elements.

The usual lock can turn into an original wedding, if you show your imagination and make some effort.

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