Catherine Deneuve supports the rights of men to harassment

"This desire to send" pigs "to the slaughterhouse, instead of helping women become more independent, actually plays into the hands of the enemies of sexual freedom," the column says. “Rape is a crime. But persistent or clumsy courtship is not, and gallantry is not yet a sign of aggressive macho. Hasty justice has already led to the victims: some men had to face restrictions at work, quit, although their wrongdoing was to touch someone's knee, try to snatch a kiss, talk on intimate topics during a working lunch or send a sexual message to a woman whose feelings were not reciprocal, ”emphasize Deneuve and her comrades-in-arms. They consider the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment to be puritanism: according to Catherine Deneuve, freedom of speech ceases to be such if those women who refuse to participate in the attacks on men are branded as traitors, covering criminals.

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