Causes of hair loss in summer

Causes of hair loss in summer

1. Lack of headgear.

The sun burns hair and scalp very much. This leads to the death of the hair follicles and hair loss.

2. Means for styling.

In the summer, a large number of all kinds of foams and hair sprays have an additional burden. Under such a "cap" the scalp begins to sweep, which contributes to the growth of harmful bacteria. Especially for the summer period it is necessary to exclude alcohol-based hair products. This leads to dehydration of the hair.

3. Chlorinated water in the pool and salt water in the sea. 

After the pool or sea hair should be rinsed with fresh water. If this is not done, the hair will eventually become dry and brittle.

4. Vitamin deficiencies and stress. 

How to restore the beauty and health of hair and scalp?

The first rule in order to save hair from the scorching sun in the summer is to purchase a pretty hat or a light headscarf, which should cover your head. They are enough to wear in very hot weather.

The second rule is useful for all seasons: after washing your hair should be rinsed with cool water. This will improve blood flow to the hair and prevent hair loss.

Once a week you need to make masks based on olive or burdock oil with the addition of egg yolk. This procedure nourishes the hair and make them healthy and beautiful.

In the summer it is best to replace the usual shampoo with one that has moisturizing properties, and also put off the hairdryer for special occasions, allowing the hair to dry naturally. It is also best not to overtighten the hair with tight knots during extreme heat and low humidity.

According to experts, it is in the summer that the most active hair growth occurs. So do not be afraid to often cut the tips. In fact, this will only improve their condition.

It is important to remember that the cause of hair loss may not lie in the scorching sun, but in some changes in the body.

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