Chalet style: decorating the living room


Chalet style living room: calm and comfort

The first rule - when making a living room in the style of "chalet", you must use natural eco-friendly materials (wood, stone, glass). Rule two - are closed with wooden cladding at least partially.

The chalet-style room should be furnished with soft furnishings of raw shades, cream or brown color nuances. Put a wooden coffee table - it will give more comfort, recalling the village. Good looking animal skins, carelessly thrown on the floor.

If there is an opportunity to put an electric stone in the living room, then it is very good, because the interior design in the “chalet” style is difficult to imagine at least without a small fireplace. Arrange the pottery on the shelves.

Chalet style living room color

As mentioned earlier, brown, cream and other warm tones are welcome. But such softness is required to be diluted with cold black and gray shades, and also white.

In addition, the use of bright colors as an accent is appropriate. Violet, red, blue look good in cushions, floor vases, decorative dishes.

Rustic ceiling in the living room

The best thing in the living room in the style of "chalet" to make a ceiling of wood. For example, the presence of wooden beams can perform a decorative function. Instead of heavy beams, you can make the facing with wooden slats. Although in such a living room it would be nice to look at a plasterboard and light ceiling.

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