Characteristics of a man-Aries on the sign of the zodiac: lighter, match, spark

Aries Eternal clarification of the question "Who is the boss in the house?" Sooner or later they will tire of both. Girl Aries will not allow the second place on the pedestal of love relationships.
Taurus Good compatibility and understanding. Marriage promises to be happy.
Twins Passionate, but a short union. There will be a lot of sex, but little satisfaction from communication.
Cancer The straightness of Aries wounds a tender Cancer girl. Unnoticed by a man will offend his beloved time after time.
a lion In many ways, Aries needs this woman. Her passion and confidence in herself and her partner will motivate a couple to great accomplishments.
Virgo There is a lot of misunderstanding in family life. It is difficult for a couple to understand each other's wishes and goals.
Libra Good compatibility in bed, but few points of contact outside the bedroom. Organize a common leisure, and the chance of life in the union will appear.
Scorpio Perfect sexual compatibility. But the selfish Aries will not like the partner’s shots. And Scorpio can wound like no other.
Sagittarius A good short-term romance, but a long marriage is hardly possible due to the difference in lifestyle and views.
Capricorn Average compatibility, because the couple are concerned about money issues. Very economical Capricorn will resist the wide gestures of a partner. Aries feels undervalued.
Aquarius Good compatibility, if the great strategist-Aquarius will teach Aries to make plans in advance and will quench his impulsiveness in business.
Fish Partners should listen to each other so that the union is truly strong. Talk and spend time together.

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