Characteristics of men and women Lviv in the year of the Bull

Liana Raymanova October 31, 2017

The influence of the signs of Leo and the Bull gives a person a strong, decisive and stubborn character. These qualities are inherent in both sexes, as is the uncompromising desire for leadership.

In relationships, Bull Lions show themselves as reliable and attentive partners, but it is important for them to reserve the right to make important decisions for two. Not every person is capable of submission, which Leo-Bull craves, therefore problems in the personal life of sign representatives most often arise precisely on this basis.

But building a career strong and decisive character, on the contrary, favors.

Lions are self-confident maximalists with big ambitions, while Bulls are stubborn workaholics

The combination of such qualities gives excellent prospects, provides a huge number of opportunities for implementation at work and in the social sphere.

Of people born under the combination of the signs of the Lion and the Bull,good leaders- they are respected by others and love to be in the center of attention. Work in submission is not easy for them - stubbornness and excessive self-confidence always impede in the search for a compromise, representatives of the sign are not always ready to put up with someone else's point of view.

Characteristics of men born under the sign of Leo in the year of the Bull

In relationships, Bull Lions show themselves as reliable and attentive partners.

Characteristics of men born under the sign of Leo in the year of the Bull

The man, who was born in the period from July 23 to August 23 in the year of the Bull, has one of the most difficult characters. He seeks primacy in almost all spheres of life, especially in labor. Career tops the list of priorities, if only because in this field Leo is easier to self-actualize.

Sociability, curiosity and well-developed intuition are qualities that are relevant todevelopment in any career direction. Almost every guy Leo, born in the year of the Bull, is endowed with them in full. The talents of such people are very diverse, which gives them a wide space for choosing a profession. They are more likely to succeed in positions that require perseverance and determination.In creative professions, a prudent character is a minus, not an advantage.

Being completely absorbed in work, Lion-Bull does not find a place to create a family in his schedule.

Therefore, he prefers short-term relationships to long-term relationships. The opposite sex is perceived as a means to satisfy physical needs.

But over time, most often very unexpectedly, Amur's arrows bite into the proud Lviv. At the same time, they are not in a hurry to give up their work tactics and simply transfer it to personal relationships: they weigh and plan every step, try to count everything by the minute. Discretion is a serious obstacle to romance, so not every woman will be happily married to a Lev careerist.

Male lions are predisposed to female partners who agree to second roles in a relationship. In the foreground, of course, should be Leo himself. If he is lucky enough to get a gentle girl with a quiet character in his wife, such a marriage can be verylucky. But often the sympathies of representatives of the sign are won by strong and ambitious women to whom submission is alien.

Imperfections of the mark

Male lions are predisposed to partners who agree to second roles in relationships

Then the struggle for leadership begins. At first, Leo the Bull is pleased with such relations and finds them intriguing, amusing. But when the passions subsided, he begins to feel unhappy because, in his opinion, devoid of due respect.

If the chosen one of the Lion has achieved more in life than himself, then their relationship is almost doomed to failure. The king's man is too vain to rejoice in the successes of others beyond his own. But if the partner will be suitable for the character, Lev-Bull will be an excellent family man. He is reliable, caring, able to provide a family financially and is ready to shoulder the solution of all important family problems.

Imperfections of the mark

The main weakness in the character of a person born under the signs of Leo and Bull is the inability to admit one’s own mistakes. He will blame others to the last, even if deep down he realizes that the problem lies in him.

If Lev is “pinned to the wall” and deprived of the opportunity to justify himself, he will simply lose his temper

A collision with the manifestation of one's own mistakes and shortcomings is not easy for such a person: he can easily become angry and fall for his relatives in a similar situation. Outside of home, he rarely shows incontinence because he values ​​his reputation.

Lions-Bulls are inveterate debaters. They are ready to prove their point of view to anyone around the clock, but they only accept the opinion of others in the rarest of cases. Also, the egoism, which is not always healthy, should be counted among the flaws of the sign. For men born under the signs Leo and Bull, in the first place will always be their own "I."

Characteristics of women Lions born in the year of the Bull

The character of a woman born under the combination of the signs of Leo and the Bull cannot be called simple. These are very contradictory personalities who are constantly tormented by any doubts. Because of this, they rarely remain in a state of mental equilibrium, which, however, does not prevent them from beingrestrained and punctual people.

Characteristics of women Lions born in the year of the Bull

Bull Lionesses - conflicting personalities that are constantly plagued by doubts

Surprisingly, the girl Lion, born in the year of the Bull, is almost the opposite in character to the man who represents the same signs.She does not seek leadership, rather, on the contrary, she likes to remain in the shadows. She would prefer to work in a leadership position under the command of others. But if you still put such a "weak" lady at the helm, she will undoubtedly lead the ship to success.

No matter how weak and insecure women are, the Bulls do not appear from the outside, but inside they have a whole storehouse of strength and vital energy. Therefore, they rarely suffer a defeat on the career front - they do not have enough stars from the sky, but they are not satisfied with very small ones either.

Representatives of the signs of Leo and the Bull are not deprived of the ability to appreciate the beautiful. They themselves oftenspectacular and attractive. Environment must comply. Lionesses love beautiful houses and apartments, beautiful things, beautiful people.

Woman Lion the Bull is an active and cheerful person with diversely developed interests. She is stubborn, but not sufficiently empowered

She can stay inactive for a long time or work in an unpromising position if she does not find a powerful motivation for career development. But if she does get involved, then she is almost guaranteed success.

In personal life, luck does not always accompany representatives of the signs of Leo and Ox. They are drawn to determined and strong men, leaders by nature.But they themselves are more often attracted to the guys with a soft character, willing to play a leading role. If a woman, the Bull nevertheless agrees to an alliance with such a person, she can easily ruin her chosen one - morally crush him, “reward” him with an inferiority complex.

Chances that suchthe union will get stronger with time, very little. With a clear discrepancy between the characters, a wiser decision would be to end the relationship at the initial stage - thus saving both time and mental strength of both.

Characteristics of women Lions born in the year of the Bull

Lion-Bulls pulls to determined and strong men, leaders by nature

But Lioness Bullsvery stubborn, they prefer to work on relationships to the last, even if signs of their ending have already appeared on the horizon. In rare cases, such perseverance is rewarded, but usually it serves only as an obstacle to a truly successful novel. The Lioness's partner, born in the year of the Bull, must be strong, strong-willed and reliable.

Representatives of the sign are not alien to the traditional canons of the distribution of roles in marriage - they believe that a man should be the head of the family. But not every young man will be able to take a leading position in relation to the woman Bull. Despite her willingness to obey, she herself possesses an iron willpower.

Imperfections of the mark

Girls Lions, born under the influence of the sign of the Bull, are very stubborn and categorical in their judgments

They are extremely reluctant to change their point of view, do not recognize compromises. This is the main disadvantage, which hinders both work and personal life. Lionesses are always sure that they are right, but not themselves.

These are sensitive natures, not devoid of complexes and experiences about their own success. Low self-esteem often becomes an obstacle to career growth. The most offensive is that, in fact, the character of the Liones the Bulls is far from weak, but they themselves inspire the opposite.

Lion's love compatibility in the year of the Bull

It’s not easy for a lion to find a partner who will be in all of them. A detailed analysis of love compatibility will help to clarify with which representatives the characters of Leo-Bull are best combined.

Minimum compatibility
According to the eastern calendar Rat, Bull, Cat (Rabbit), Dragon Goat, Pig, Dog, Snake Rooster, Tiger, Horse, Monkey
Western calendar Lion, Pisces, Gemini Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio Libra, Aquarius, Aries

Compatibility in love of Leo, born in the year of the Bull, according to the western horoscope

  • Leo - a productive business relationship, friendship is possible. Such people are quickly addicted to each other, and the passion grows into love.
  • Virgo is medium compatibility in both love and business relationships.
  • Libra - sexual relations begin brightly, but quickly cease to please both of them and usually ends there. If partners manage to agree on an effective strategy, a harmonious business union is possible.
  • Scorpio - despite numerous disagreements and unwillingness to understand each other, these people manage to find joy in mutual communication.
  • Sagittarius - passionate and incendiary relationships that will give both partners a lot of the brightest impressions. But sooner or later, both will get tired and begin to search for more calm elects.
  • Capricorn is a good love compatibility, although there is no particular passion in this relationship. Business cooperation is unlikely to be successful.
  • Aquarius - low compatibility. A bright, short-term passion can flare up between partners, but it will be too difficult for them to build a serious relationship.
  • Pisces - excellent sexual compatibility, developing into love and family union, but the labor union is less promising.
  • Aries - the incompatibility of characters will become too serious an obstacle to the creation of strong relationships. But for a short time to get carried away by each other partners can easily.
  • Taurus - a bad lack of understanding, but excellent compatibility in sex.
  • Gemini is one of the most stable and promising unions. Successfully add up both business and love relationships. Partners understand each other well.
  • Cancer - an amicable union is possible only with the willingness of both partners to constantly work on it. There are many contradictions, but it is quite possible to eliminate them if desired.
Leo compatibility in the year of the Snake

Lionesses Bulls are usually very stubborn

Compatibility in love of Lviv, born in the year of the Bull, according to the eastern horoscope

  • The bull is good compatibility, but the relationship is boring and monotonous. Harmonious union is possible only with the active and rich life of both partners.
  • Tiger is a complex relationship, partners often conflict. But at the same time they are drawn to each other like a magnet.
  • Rabbit partners understand each other well, their union is based on mutual respect.Psychological compatibility provides a harmonious union, although the sex life of such a pair is not particularly bright.
  • The dragon - to create a strong alliance with the representative of this sign will be difficult for the Bull, but they love each other so much that they will be able to overcome the differences in character and outlook.
  • Snake is a beautiful couple with medium compatibility. Disagreements are unlikely to constitute a threat to these relations, but the betrayal of one of the spouses will almost certainly put a cross on them.
  • Horse - a happy alliance is unlikely. People of these signs are constantly in conflict, especially on the basis of finance.
  • Goat - partners lack understanding, but sometimes have a great desire to fix it. They have average compatibility.
  • The monkey is a pragmatic alliance, almost completely devoid of sentimentality. Together, these people are comfortable, but nothing more.
  • The rooster is one of the most fragile alliances: the numerous differences in the characters of the partners do not allow them to live in perfect harmony.
  • A dog is an average compatibility, people with such signs can make strong families only through conflicts and showdowns.
  • Pig - the partners have the same priorities, they both value calm and quiet family life. But because of the not very good compatibility of the characters in such an association there is little chance of success.
  • Rat - at first glance, the union seems shaky, but in fact it is one of the most powerful tandems in eastern astrology. Compatibility is almost perfect.
Lion's love compatibility in the year of the Bull

The union with the Rat seems shaky, but this is one of the most powerful tandems in Eastern astrology

Full description of the child Leo born in the year of the Bull

Babies born in the year of the Bull tend to be thoughtful and responsible from an early age. And the influence of the Leo sign gives them an activity and vanity. The combination is not the worst, if you manage to properly understand the intricacies of child psychology and provide the child with a decent upbringing.

First of all, parents should not put pressure on the child Leo. Swearing, corporal punishment and even simply tactless criticism can hurt to hit the vanity of the baby. The opposite approach will serve as a much better motivation for good behavior - It is desirable to encourage the Lion Cub to do something by calling on his vanity.

For example, in order for him to become a better student, it is enough to set up a classmate as an example or, better still, praise the latter in his child. In this case, the baby Leo, by all means, wants to "outdo" his comrade and exceed his academic achievements.

Do not praise the little Leo too often and indulge all his whims

Born in the year of the Bull boy Lionfrom childhood to leadership, wants to occupy a dominant position in relation to others. Too mild upbringing can lead to the development of a child's characteristics of a tyrant and a despot.

Eastern horoscope gives these children seriousness and hard work. It is important for parents to make the most of these qualities and try to develop them even more if possible.

A child, Leo the Bull, whether it is a boy or a girl, will surely give his parents a lot of trouble. But with the right approach to education, he will growhonest and fair personwho can achieve a lot in life.

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